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8/27 c34 JJmalou
Welcome to three chapters where Naruto doesn’t use any of his powers to save his girls. Judging by the a/n’s this has been planned for a long time. I just can’t help but feel that it feels a little artificial given the timings. 1 Naruto gets knocked out of a fight and even Orichimaru thinks he should have dodged it. 2 spends entire fight not shadowstepping to Sakura. 3 lets talk about new chick and not worry about Orichimaru. 4) Conveniently late despite using shadowstep that Orichimaru doesn’t have.
8/24 c34 Guest
Keep going it was starting to get good please update soon but there is no rush take your time
8/23 c26 1Liamo000
I'm glad Kakashi has finally stepped out of the shadow of Sasuke's gargantuan ego.
8/22 c5 Liamo000
The dynamic of Naruto feeling real concern for Sakura without being infatuated with her is really nice. I wish this was how it happened in canon.
8/19 c34 Bigrob1945
good chapter looking forward to the next one
8/19 c34 SleepIsMeantToBeOverdosed
Everyone has pitchforks and torches because you left it on a massive cliffhanger.
8/19 c9 SleepIsMeantToBeOverdosed
Honestly if I were you, I'd have Team 7 fighting enemy ninjas and Kakashi attempts chidori on an enemy only for that enemy to substitute with Sasuke, thus killing Sasuke and getting Kakashi in maaaassive trouble considering how much the council tries to bribe him. After that, Itachi finds out Kakashi killed Sasuke and hunts him down and kills him.
8/19 c4 SleepIsMeantToBeOverdosed
Ughh... Hiruzen saying "Come my boy, let's go talk in my office" gives me unpleasant Dumbledore vibes. Only way it would feel worse is if Naruto was 7-12 instead of 14 and considered an adult.
8/15 c34 Shadowhell1992
Welcome back
For future chapters could the list of girls to come be split into the girls you have ideas for and the ones still in need for introduction ideas.
8/13 c34 10tailsJinchurikiNaruto
Amazing cant wait for the next one
8/13 c34 1HorusRa
Damn I just Bing read your Fic in one go, Just Wondering How Biblical, Naruto will be if he gets His Hands in Orochimaru... Also will Anko "Die" and evolve ?
Also Once Kushina is Released From the Edo Tensei, I don't think ir could be Healthy If they get in a Lovers Relationship...
8/12 c34 animemark35
Naruto gets blown away by futon jutsu... really that seems far fetched
Naruto ignores the fact he just got separated from his team from an obviously superior foe and decides its better to expand the harem than protect his mate... ok not sure i follow since he could of had a clone do the saving and gone back to Sakura
Naruto doesn't chase after Orochimaru after he attacked his mate until he figures out Anko could be in danger... when did his IQ drop to Cannon Naruto level

is this just cannon with a different dressing cause there have been zero meaningful cannon deviations as of yet.
8/10 c34 Tashis
Hopefully when fuu and tayuya come alone they become more permanent additions to the story and not just get a few chapters
8/9 c34 ngughyendu09092006
more kaguya
8/8 c31 Guest
Forgot it was ahri oops
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