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8/8 c34 Guest
That sir is evil but I know you won't let anko die because she is in the harem. Either that or Naruto either a:finds nagatos rinnegan or b: goes to jashin or the shinigami in order to resurrect them
8/8 c34 Bigrob1945
good chapter looking forward to the next one
8/7 c21 ibraha01
i usually like harem stories , but this is too much , every single one of them has the exact same shallow character . if not talking about skills and jutsu you can change the name and you wouldn't notice
8/7 c34 John Mathew Adam
i like the chapter i see your story in Wattpad to so i searched here in fanfiction. net
8/6 c34 davidpinedapt
Love the story, hate the cliffhanger but I am trusting you to do anko good and NOT take the happiness away.
8/6 c34 LAzHellRaiser
what...the FUCK dude?! A death cliffie?! I f*ckin hate you right now...please update before I'm forced to commit anxiety harakiri
8/5 c34 Guest
Gyren in garem?
8/5 c34 KiraiZero
hope this story continues hopefully anko survives and hate the cliff hangar but great story so far
8/5 c34 xxPercyRoxxx
That was a cruel cliffhanger. Please update soon. She can’t be gone.
8/5 c34 3BlueDragonInferno
Very good update. Thank you for the new chapter was waiting forever for it.
8/5 c34 Fedos
Жду с нетерпением новой части
8/4 c34 Guest
So when is Kurenai joining the harem?
8/4 c1 Belier-R
just saying (i don’t really mind) as a ninja minato really did just spill a lot of dirty laundry in a matter of seconds
8/3 c31 ThunderClaw03
The clan Elders have manipulated Neji who needs an attitude adjustment. Update when you can
8/3 c28 ThunderClaw03
Sasuke is in for a world of pain if he doesn’t improve his attitude.
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