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7/29 c34 Zhichart
Been a while since I've seen this story update so welcome back, and nice chapter. Narutos OP but there are still ways to hurt him
7/29 c34 PraetorXyn
Glad to see another update. Evil cliffhanger though.
7/29 c34 Guest
Well a great chapter but this better not be the end of Anko! There's no way you can end her like that!
7/29 c34 volcasiron30
well damnit looks like Orochimaru had just cross a line he shouldn't have crossed and now he just released hell on him and I hope it was worth it Orochimaru because you may give your soul to God but your pale snake ass belongs to a demon and that demon is called Naruto Uzumaki in the words of the Greatest WWE Superstar wrestler in the whole wide world The Undertaker you will REST IN PEACE!
7/29 c34 Reft
7/29 c34 403headed-dragon
...How dare you...great chapter, but how dare you.

Loved Sakura's fight with the snake and loved how she was smart enough to not fight Orochimaru directly.

I think it's more than clear that Orochimaru has made it to the top of Naruto's shit list. And just about everyone else's as well.

Also everyone please put down your pitch forks and torches...and pick up your chainsaws and flamethrowers you're gonna need the heavy stuff for this one!
7/29 c34 Rebmul
welp pedo is dead and so glad to see this updated
7/29 c34 3Evil-Mech Lord Apex
Great chapter, Naruto will be out for Orochimaru's blood for what he's done to Anko.
I'm really looking forward to the next one and keep up the great work.
7/29 c34 Nakazora Gen
First off, good chapter. Glad to see this amazing series updating. Sasuke is still an entitled ass, and Sakura showed off her quick wit tricking Orochimaru like that. Very fun to read.

Second, chapter delays due to Legend of Heroes? Far be it from me for begrudging anyone from enjoying the series, since I am about to probably binge several games in the series come next month or so. They are massive games, but deserve the attention.
7/29 c34 HeavenxxWolf
7/29 c34 BoredKing
My issue with this outcome is that Naruto should've been back long before it got to this point. He can teleport and sense his mate's emotions so why didn't he arrive till after everything was done? Cause he was leisurely running through the forest and stopping to collect extra scrolls? When he felt the fear Sakura was feeling and then the rage the Anko was?
7/29 c34 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Excellent chapter! And OOOH! How dare you leave us with THIS KIND OF CLIFFHANGER AFTER BEING GONE FOR SO LONG! WHYYY?!
7/29 c34 4AadenHelan
eh just let her die instead of she somehow survive and all that
7/29 c34 16FenreldStormblade
Awesome chapter as always. That evil little cliffhanger is genius. Looking forward to whatever update or post next
7/29 c34 zero fullbuster
Love it and great to have you back in this story.
I can't wait what happens next.
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