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9/11/2019 c5 ThunderClaw03
Kakashi is playing favorites like there is no tomorrow. If I was Naruto's mom I would shove one of her chains up Kakashi behind. Update soon
9/11/2019 c5 Guest
Sasuke got training from his family before they died, of course he would be decent, but calling him an elite is a stretch. He's simply tranied as an average Uchiha. Itachi on the other hand... that was a true genius. Just imagine Naruto with proper training.
9/11/2019 c5 Guest
Kakashi's going to suck Sasuke's dick in the next chapter?
9/11/2019 c5 zero fullbuster
Love it.
Great update as always.
I can't wait what happens next.
9/11/2019 c5 3jmg1988
You should remake the poll and make the options as "Kushina brought back alive and joins harem," "Kushina brought back alive and not in the harem," and "Kushina stays dead."

I don't want to vote for her to be brought back alive only for her not to join Naruto's harem or worse, she gets with someone else. Also I don't see why Naruto has to wait for the CRA to return Ayame's feelings. He's half-demon, he shouldn't care about a piece of paper to tell him who he's allowed to love.
9/11/2019 c5 biginferno
great chapter I still hope Temari and Shizune make it into his harem but even if they don't I will still keep reading you've got most of my favorites in the harem already with number 1 being Tayuya and number 2 being Samui
9/11/2019 c5 meh31324
I think you should put Shizuka into the harem
9/9/2019 c2 19KuronoDono12
I think you should put Tsume back into the Harem as her age likely wont be an issue since Naruto will be with Fem Kyuubi and Fem Jashin who are FAR FAR Older than him and Tsume.
9/9/2019 c4 CrimsonStarBlade
How about Natsuhi and/or Hokuto from Hoshigakure (Hidden Star Village) because maybe the meteorite that they use is actually an item of great importance to Jashin that was either stolen from her realm by someone that she once trusted or she accidentally threw it away during one of her's tantrums due to an unknown event that only Jashin knows.

also is it possible that on some missions that Naruto goes on that there are secret Jahinists(sp?) who are either in hiding or biding their time? (example: Tsunami has a secret shrine in her basement that only she has excess to without her father's and 'son's' knowledge, and that she inherited from her own mother who was a Jashinist(sp?) herself)
9/9/2019 c4 79YeagerMeister31
Well, this was pretty cool and had some amusing moments like Anko's hair down below lol, and the joke about Naruto's snake the lemon was cool also, the joke about surprising himself with stealing the scroll was amusing also, wonder what happens next it should be fun.
9/8/2019 c2 LordofTerror
tone down on the author's notes man you have two huge ones in every chapter and it eats up your story space. otherwise it's a good premise
9/8/2019 c4 Riot Bringer
I liked the chapter as always but that lemon was... interesting? i guess? eh not too big a fan of lemons but eh whatever it was okay.
9/8/2019 c4 15NinjaFang1331
Awesome update
9/8/2019 c4 meero619
I really love this story, it's so good so far. I think Konan should be added, so is Kurenai. oh yeah, and I support Kushina being back and added to naruto's lovers. keep up the good work :)
9/8/2019 c4 ThunderClaw03
Great job keep it up. Just so you know you may want to cross post it another site because fanfiction has a very low tolerance for explicit sexual content. One site that I know allows explicit sexual content is Ao3. I would recommend trying to post under the same screen name if you can. Update soon
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