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6/4/2023 c3 Scarease
violator Goblins have say worse WarHammer Gretchin .

hell Orcs of Lord ring being corrupted Men and Elves even darker then Warhammer .

have galaxy different variant would make things interesting especial main characters documenting these different possible cousin species and such .weakness ,Habits ,culture and such to better slay them .
6/3/2023 c2 Scarease
Dwarves easily be human that evolved that way do heavy gravity based planets lead to short body and thicker density .In Warhammer Lore are few Race that serve the Empire .
6/3/2023 c1 Scarease
Goblins of Goblin Slayer Universe rather fitting .Shocked that Sleneesh not created Horrors like them to breed with anything to spawn hideous abominations and such .
12/24/2021 c1 2Agonizing Turtle
I'm going to get a lot of hatred for this but screw it.

I've begun to warm up to Age of Sigmar and like the Storm cast.

There, I said it.
8/10/2021 c7 1Kixtia
I enjoy this story, you make a great work with this adaptation.

Hope we see more soon. Thanks
4/16/2021 c7 7velliacrum
The exodites are such a weird addition to 40k, but its interesting to see them just sitting next to a khornate temple for millenium and just suffering it. I couldn't imagine anything more eldar than sitting on a problem because you are too proud to call for help.

RIP my poor Ruststalker. Its like playing kill team all over again.

I haven't seen goblin slayer, so i dont know if this is the end of a particular arc or not. In the case of gretchen slayer it should be interesting to see what happens. I look forward to seeing where this goes.
4/6/2021 c6 velliacrum
Interesting chapter so far. Though it seems that Vulkan was right this whole time. When encountering Exodites, its best to burn them all. No blood is shed that way.
4/3/2021 c5 velliacrum
Well if its the alpha legion, i have no doubt that the plot is intricate, most likely to the detriment of the alpha legion themselves.

the hospitallers was given a lot of good character development in this story. The ecclesiarchy is one of the most powerful institutions in the galaxy, and yet i forget just how little your average rank and file knows about what is going on in the universe.

I also really like how you incorporated the white scars into this lore.

I should have known the aeldari would like jello...
3/28/2021 c4 velliacrum
I really love the idea of an Imperial Hedge Knight, here is hoping we see more of him soon!

And I see the Wrath and Glory party showed up (Eldar Ranger, Space Marine, Hospitaller, Inquisitor, Tech Priest). This could honestly be a campaign.

Is the Malleos Inquisitor a squat?

Be interesting to see if the Magos Dominos is lying or not.
3/18/2021 c3 velliacrum
This is a really great chapter, and the fight scene was very interesting. I like that it wasn't too indulgent, you outline how the Gretchen Slayer planned to slay them and then he does it quickly. I wonder if this is establishing future, more drawn out conflict.

Having a black templar show up in a Gaston-like role is a little weird, but im gussing its a part of the Goblin slayer thing. Though perhaps we are going to learn more about why a black templar is also acting as a renegade mercenary on this forgotten planet. Something tells me his past isnt as glorious as he likes to pretend it is.

So one gripe i might want to add is the talk about money. I dont really get a sense of it here. Even if you dont use the official 40k terms (like thrones), i dont really understand what these credits are and what they are worth. They dismiss 2000 credits, but what is that worth?

Anyways, i look forward to reading the rest so ill keep you posted how it is so far.
3/14/2021 c2 velliacrum
I will say i really like the last line about the Gretchen Slayer's thoughts about a new partner. It gives a lot of insight into him. Im assuming that the Hospitaller is a "Jade Wizard" (i dont know what do they call healing mages in fantasy?) in the Goblin Slayer universe.
3/10/2021 c1 velliacrum
So I know nothing about Goblin Slayer apart from the initial premise , but knowing warhammer it seems like you ported the idea over pretty well. Im enjoying it so far.

Also Kudos to you for using the White Scars. One of my biggest pet peeves about 40k is how the white scars never seem to have any development besides "The Asian ones." Having the White Scar Successor as a wandering nomad looking to protect townsfolk is inspired.

Also while i actually like Age of Sigmar a lot, placing it in 40k actually seems like a better choice. Isn't Goblin Slayer supposed to be set in a standard fantasy universe? At least by putting it in 40k you have a lot more opportunities to expand the character and lore beyond the initial premise.

One question I have is about the "Stats." Why give him 40k stats? Is this something Goblin Slayer does? Is this going to factor into the story later, or is this so people can make him at home? If so why did you use tabletop stats instead of one of the 40k RPGs like Dark Heresy/Deathwatch or Wrath and Glory?

Either way, looking forward
10/6/2020 c1 Gretchin
Oh na the boss he got choppa he smash he choppa Gretchin killa, gretchin killa no match for us gitz and our flashy boss
8/24/2020 c2 Guest
This is pretty much devoid of any of the tension that made the first little bit of Goblin Slayer actually interesting

Pretty disappointing that most of the story's effort so far seemed to go into trying to graft some overblown 40k caricatures into the setting for the sake of novelty
8/7/2020 c7 Lord Razer
this has been a very fun story as you were able to crossover goblin slayer and Warhammer quite well. and im a bit saddened it hasn't been updated in a while.

I hope you return to this story one day

but if not than its fine.
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