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for Rebirth in a Magical World

1/20 c114 rockinjrk1
Has this fiction been discontinued? If so then it was a fantastic read!
Though I hope that the author will update it!
1/20 c2 StoneTheLoner
Has this been dropped? I've really missed being able to follow this story.

If it has then thanks for the story. I really enjoyed reading it!
1/16 c1 MoinLeute
Revelio would at most uncover something hidden by a spell... not display a scene that happened from memorie, only a pensive can do that and there is nothing that can currently create illusions or film stuff on that level and lenght of time.
1/16 c1 MoinLeute
He has two different cancers?... you dont survive 8 fucking years with two of the most deadliest cancers in the world just by willpower bullshit.
12/12/2022 c114 3doRodrigo
Great chapter. I hope you keep up the great work and update it soon. Cheers
11/23/2022 c95 5aalens
At the accelerated broom speed won’t it be just too fast to be practical for Quidditch? Wouldn’t the high speeds be of limited use on a comparatively small Quidditch pitch! Even the onlookers would have trouble following the moves, let alone the players being able to control their actions at those speeds. Okay, they wouldn’t have to fly at the higher rage all the time or even most of the time, but still. However I can see it being useful for long distance racing or for attempting speed records though.
11/12/2022 c114 Intemperance24
hope u pick the story up again.. nice building of a new OC, with a realistic way of becoming powerful
10/30/2022 c11 tommypaver
I hear good things about this book from friends but I’ll be honest, I’m disappointed.

I expected a man who suffered all his life to understand the harsh reality of life and want to gain power but it seems the author doesn’t know what he is doing. What I’m seeing here doesn’t match up with his last life. What I’m seeing here is a child who grew up in a rich family and never had to do anything for himself.
10/12/2022 c42 jhy20001
its very astonishing that you know the legend of yu dong bin because many who are in the asian culture are not so familiar with him. Nice work!
9/24/2022 c1 1fangirl-friend2
What happened to you?
9/8/2022 c114 Guest
Darn, it ends here. I binged this story in two days, and I really love the lore and characters you've crafted. I hope this isn't abandoned.
9/8/2022 c112 Guest
While I really enjoy this story, I think you should amplify Alex's hubris a bit. Force him into situations in which his pride becomes his downfall. He's been cruising through adversity a bit too easily imo.
9/8/2022 c110 Guest
Oh dear, oh dear, Anna's going to be furious when she finds out
9/7/2022 c31 Guest
I really like Anna! Can't wait to see more of her. Hope her and Alex get together lol
9/7/2022 c9 Guest
Love the lore
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