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for Rebirth in a Magical World

5/13 c106 Guest
yes! aussie representation! lets goooooooo!
5/13 c107 3Tertius711
Very interesting and compelling story
5/11 c107 Guest
Ha! Great chapter!
5/12 c107 gv100
Is it just me or was the Russian silver spear lady chaperone’s name switched around in the paragraph she’s introduced in?
Great story, I love the characters, and the detailing of the silver spears- endless simple oc opportunities there :). I wish more fics treated Cedric like you do, as a person, rather than a plot-point(hogwarts ‘champion’, cho’s ex), but I wish Jessica and Anna aren’t so tsundere, they have been around each other for years now, after all. Some crack humor plz? - Can Jessica trip and kiss him or something to break that ice? :). I kind of want to write a spin-off fic for John’s hogwart years hehe ;). Thanks for writing this, I’m excited to see where this story goes!
5/12 c62 Natsukashi
I understand where his arrogance comes from and it’s well written. Still, it’s annoying :p
Arrogance is and will always be the downfall of great man, no matter what.
5/11 c29 Natsukashi
First of, I read this up to here in one go and I must say, I like it! Your story keeps me hooked! Now to this chapter and the vanishing cabinet. It’s perfectly reasonable to get a way to Hogwarts and the cabinet couldn’t be better suited. But. It’s a security risk in capital letters! And why didn’t his crazy paranoid painted relative spoke up about it? He build a big wall and a hidden secured tower to hole up inside in case of a siege and then said nothing about a door without any security features whatsoever which Leads right into all that? Hm. Let’s see if this bites him in the future.
5/11 c107 Tony McNucklz
The birds were amusing. Being able to conjure a swarm sounds immensely useful if he can get to the point that he can summon hundreds at once instead of having to make one then multiply it. Beinag able to summon several hundred has a secondary use as bejng able to block the Unforgivables by having the birds take the hit. an individual bird would be enough to take the hit, and not just of the unforgivables.
Looking forward to more!
5/11 c107 4hordac85
5/11 c107 1GoMagikarp
Somehow, Sasha puppeting Athena into waving her paws was the highlight of the chapter for me. It's always the little things.
5/11 c107 zapeli8
Ooo I love the bird tactic XD Personally, I don't think it's so much a 'never again', but a 'not the same way'. If you can hold your focus, it's like transfiguration tactics, or the ice trap he did so long ago. Hold the bird back, slowly building the army while using other spells, or just have them around as a flak shield to take hits for you XD
5/7 c106 Hehehehe
Hellou i have read this since the 3rd chapter is out :D i am so glad u continue this :3 i have started many but urs is one of the best c: u are creative and original and though alex is strong hes no gary sue thats amazing probs to you please keep it up

Ps I hope Alex wins *-*
Have an amazing daaaay -
5/5 c106 Guest
So Alex, in terms of pure power, is up there was Dumbledore and the others. He knows one of these others, Voldemort is going to return, and he is focusing on an organization that really shouldn't have affected him if he just stayed out of it? I mean, just with him existing, the chances of everything going exactly right with Harry to beat Voldemort is very unlikely, so Alex has to get his shit together because Voldemort is coming and he is one of the few people with enough power to match him.
5/7 c40 qjhaynes
The mask seems way too malicious. I can understand giving it to Delvin or Delcin (I think that's the name of the grandfather), but we're talking about driving 13/14 year old to insanity. Is he also not thinking about the fallout. Delvin will find out and immediately assume it was Alex because I'm sure Michael has already told him about there spats in school. I don't think Alex's uncle is in a position to defend against what Delcin will do when Delvin tells him.
5/7 c21 qjhaynes
I don't like fanfics putting Flitwick in this good of a light. I think I need retribution for how Luna was tormented. He definitely can be counted as one of the main people at fault for her treatment.
5/6 c15 qjhaynes
I didn't think a character who was bedridden for years could turn out sounding arrogant.
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