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for Caution: Falling

12/21/2005 c8 2lidia1232
I love this. It's so well written and funny.
11/23/2005 c8 Braeden Flynn
YES! I am still reading it... I just hadn't checked back in awhile... keep it coming. I want more C/J fun
11/10/2005 c8 22Senko Wakimarin
Jesus in a Ford pickup, this is sweet! I demand more, and I demand it now!

Okay, well, I can't really demand much, being a person cummunicating through a computer. So perhaps begging?

Pwease, pwease wite mo', Kay!
10/31/2005 c6 Rantipole
"I'm so fucking in love right now."


*runs to read next chapter*
10/31/2005 c4 Rantipole
Can I just say:

He’s my love bunny, damn it!

“… okay, so he’s my love sheep. Better?”

“Love buffalo?


And the leather was delightful. Very, very nice. M - (Thank You!)
9/6/2005 c7 Braeden Flynn
Yay! A new update to this fantabulous story, of Christopher/Jalil fluff! I can't wait for the next chapeter
8/24/2005 c7 1kiotabandal
*blink* End? END?
8/21/2005 c7 5visuallyincoherent
I really really do you choose to update this story very soon.

because i'm utterly in love with it.

I forgot about it, I did.

so if you were to pause for a quite a long time, please do it after at least someone gets together hopely j/c. that would be absolutely wonderful.XD
6/18/2005 c6 Bencat
Yay! You updated. I almost gave up hope you would. This is my all-time favotite fanfiction. And I have a lot of fandoms I check regularly. I love the whole G/D pairing and I think you really hit the perfect Gany personality.

I sound like a loser but I'm drinking coke and eating chocolet and it's 3:42 in the morning and I'm full of happy hyper for the update. You Rock!
6/17/2005 c6 ketsuki
Oh god. That was absolute genius. I love this fic and YOU need to update. I need to find out what happens. This is absolutely hilarious. Please update soon T_T;;
5/9/2005 c6 KittyKat
That was freaking hilarious. I havent laughed so hard in a long time! I cant wait till you update next
5/7/2005 c6 39Mardia
Well, it's about freaking TIME!

That said, great update! I love it!
2/27/2005 c5 Braeden Flynn
Very nice, as per usual... but update soon I hate cliff hangers! ... but I love the story.. can't wait for the next chapter.
11/3/2004 c5 7Shinegami's Little Sis
AAH! You had to stop there... PLEASE update soon! I can't wait for the next chapter!

luv lots,

6/2/2004 c5 hiperson
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