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for He Never Saw It Coming

9/19 c1 1themadmartian
This was a very well thought out and written story.
9/10 c1 1Jimbocous
Nice one, cute ending. Thanks.
8/25 c1 5stevem1
This is well written, though it appears more tell than show. And Harry’s behaviors are far too confident for someone who has been a social recluse for years.
8/5 c1 David
Truly awesome story. One of the I have ever read. Keep up the good work. Hats off to you.
7/23 c1 Traveler301
That was a great story. After Hermione Daphne is my favorite pairing for Harry.
Ron Pate
7/21 c1 Cwhit930
Short and sweet. Thanks for the share
5/26 c1 DrDamage
I'm sorry, I found the dialog in this one unbearable. The characters didn't sound like the characters, rather they, every one of them, picked a direction and bulldozed their way to their desired outcome and the person they were speaking to either submitted or managed to do the same thing.

When I realised who you were I was shocked because I know you've written stories that I thoroughly enjoy so I'm really not sure what was off in this particular tale.

I rarely like the dialog that I write in my own stories, it's a particular weakness of my own so really, I don't have a lot of ground to be standing on when I criticise you but I hope you don't take this review personally as I have read a large number of your stories that I really like.
5/18 c1 arata7kasuga
Hasn't Harry been manipulated enough in his life and his choices taken away from him? Shouldn't Hermione know this? Why in the world would she tell someone to strip away his choices like that if she truly cares for him?
5/15 c1 K
Nice little sketch. Very enjoyable.
5/3 c1 7bigfan22
Damn good one-shot. Thanks for writing!
2/20 c1 9Lord Cartwright
Lovely little story, no violence or training for war, made a nice change.
2/19 c1 7jabarber69
2/12 c1 15The Ghostly Minion
As cute, fluffy take on Haphne that I haven’t seen before. The ‘process’ was a great twist, so is the fact they both moved from acquaintances to friends to being in love. You couldn’t feel anything other than happiness for them both.

***** out of *****

2/6 c1 BillBrink
Fun and entertaining. Thanks for sharing it.
1/12 c1 11Ghostwriter71
A medium-rare Porterhouse sounds freaking amazing right now. :/
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