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for The Straw Hat's Pyro

5/16/2022 c12 Guest
Please continue
2/21/2022 c12 Guest
It been one year... where is the next chapter i want the next chapter i want to continue reading it. But I can't untill.
1/24/2022 c12 Jonrocksthestar
Three Idea, first Zeref despises all people who bear the initial of d because besides his brother those with d have the biggest chance of killing him and the last d who nearly succeeded was gol d roger but roger instead decided to let him live because he saw zeref as a pitiful creature who has yet to truly live and who has wasted his immortality making Zeref hate all D’s especially luffy because he reminds him so much of Roger. Second, Zeref knows the secret of the void century, the will of d, joyboy, and pretty all the secrets the world government wants to keep hidden but can do nothing against him for they fear Zeref’s power. Third, Zeref has aligned himself with kaido and is currently in wano for he and kaido both have grown tired and bored with the world and with neither of them being able to die and with Zeref sick of waiting for his brother to come and kill him decided to help kaido start the Greatest War in history in order to burn the current world down.
1/21/2022 c12 Guest
NEXT CHAPTER NOW PLEASE OR give to someone else so they can continue/finish.
11/29/2021 c12 JONROCKSTHESTAR
will the dragon gods make an appearance?
11/25/2021 c12 Guest
Next chapter when?
10/14/2021 c12 Guest
Next chapter please
10/10/2021 c12 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
9/26/2021 c1 Guest
When are you going to write the next chapter? And uf your done writing thus fanfiction then tell us so we don't have wait
8/2/2021 c4 1DemonkingRazronnal
Can someone explain why natsu doesnt have motion sickness
6/22/2021 c12 Hypernova456
Please write the next chapter already
6/9/2021 c12 Guest
Omg I love it keep up the good work can’t for the next chapter
6/4/2021 c1 Guest
Please update already
4/28/2021 c12 Guest
2/26/2021 c12 10Thicc-Chungs
kinda thought natsu was be stronger than luffy becasue he would train harder and more than him.
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