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9/21/2019 c5 Energizing Entry
Wait how can he be on a boat and not be sick, Dragonslayer have intense sickness on any transportations
9/21/2019 c6 1fpinheiro96
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
9/14/2019 c5 fpinheiro96
Great chapter! I really like this story and I can't wait for the next chapter!
9/6/2019 c4 Guest
I love how you add Natsu into this world. You really made Natsu sound like how he would. I also REALLY like how you didn't make Natsu a devil fruit user and how you made Dragon Slayer magic a technique that you learn from dragons rather saying it's magic. It makes sound like how fishman/mermaid karate or the six powers technique are like (in a good way). It's a unique technique that allows the user to do the impossible.
Also, I know a lot of people are asking you if you should give Natsu a devil fruit. In my opinion, I think you shouldn't since you have him the Dragon Slayer technique which already makes him special as a character/crew mate. Plus, the devil fruits that would make sense for Natsu are already taken. If you do want to give him a devil fruit, I would wait until Dressrosa arc for the flame flame fruit (but I would prefer Sabo getting it).

Anyways, keep up the good work and I can't to see Natsu fight the Pearl guy from Don Krieg's crew (which I'm just guessing since it would be funny and it would introduce Natsu's ability to eat fire).
9/6/2019 c4 Guest
Pretty short, but good. It seems that Natsu didn't get motion sick on the ship. It would be funny if Natsu get motion sickness on everything, but the Going Merry (and later thousand sunny) with a reason similar to Happy.
9/5/2019 c4 Guest
Natsu join strawhats's crew!
great chapter!
9/3/2019 c4 MeraMeraNoMi
You take the Natsu from the beginning of Fairy Tail right? because I think Natsu was stronger at the beginning of ft than Luffy at the beginning. I agree with the others, I say Natsu(pre timeskip)was about as strong as Ace and i am a One piece fan. Otherwise good chapter and I'm looking forward to more. But one Question. Are you going to give Natsu a Devil fruit?
9/3/2019 c4 Captain Imaginat
Can you also put in Natsu's Dragon Slayer Secret Art. Also I hope Gray, Lucy, Happy, Wendy and possibly Erza as well as possibly Wendy, Carla and Gajeel and Pantherlily in The Straw Hats Pyro. Also can you put in Wendy's Dragon Force, Gray's Ice Devil Slayer Magic, Lucy's Zodiac dresses/ forms and Gajeel's Iron Shadow Dragon Mode.
9/4/2019 c4 fpinheiro96
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
9/3/2019 c4 1HyenaMan
Glad to see this on the go, a little rushed but not too bad, question though,
Will the Etherious(Demons of Zeref) make an appearance? cause I can see them like a boogeyman legend type in the one piece world and everyone thinks they're just stories when it turns out they're real
9/3/2019 c4 erasenpai946
I'm really enjoying the story but as I commented before, I find it hard to swallow that Natsu is weaker than Luffy even more when he would probably have the same level of Ace in strength (before he was frozen in time and without the dragon force) because if Luffy before the skip team did not beat Ace he would not beat Natsu no, and touching ace I remembered something, will you give Akuma no mi to Natsu?, if yes is Loguia or Zoan?

Imagine him with an Igneel-style western dragon Zoan.
9/3/2019 c2 erasenpai946
I liked the chapter but still I particularly think that Natsu is stronger than Esat blue's straw hats honestly I think he has about Ace's level in fairy tail before Tenrou, and still has dragonforce which drastically increases his strength and also he must physically be stronger and sturdier than them (less resistant than Luffy because his body is rubber) and I thought he would be introduced into the story at the same age that he started the anime since as I understand it will be paired with Robin (which I found very good) then by the time luffy was 7 he Natsu already had his 16 or 18 (which is a giant kick of fans since not I remember saying when he is in Fairy Tail his age and Gajeel's age are unknown if I remember) then he and Robin would be about the same age.
But otherwise the story is good.
8/26/2019 c3 Guest
Make more please
8/22/2019 c3 erasenpai946
I look forward to the return of the story I once saw a story between the two works and with this couple, but unfortunately she stopped hoping very much that this move forward.
8/19/2019 c3 FireGodSlayer
Take the time you need.
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