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for Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates Across the Second Dimension

1/2 c6 Cameron McIntyre
Shouldn't there be a second dimmension sculpt
12/19/2019 c2 Cameron McIntyre
Why are you rewriting this story
12/19/2019 c2 Darth Nominatis
Laquane, when are you going to update the other fanfics?
10/28/2019 c15 Cameron McIntyre
What about second dimension skully
9/30/2019 c16 Darth Nominatis
Maybe on chapter 53, could you bring Hanazuki back to life but mind controlled by Magellan then taken out of the hypnosis on chapter 54 when Jake hugged Hanazuki, I was hoping for the Jake and Hanazuki fanfic to be the only one that didn't have Jake and Izzy together, I actually think Jake and Hanazuki make a good couple, so could you please do the chapter suggestion?
9/4/2019 c16 Cameron McIntyre
You said it was going to be a three part battle
9/4/2019 c16 Jenny
Yes I think this chapter should be continued and maybe Izzy 2 and Cubby 2 about Jake 2 past to Jake
9/3/2019 c16 Cameron McIntyre
Of course this chapter should continue
9/3/2019 c16 Cameron McIntyre
Name chapter 16 the 2nd dimmension battle part 2
9/2/2019 c16 Cameron McIntyre
Name the next chapter the second dimension battle part 2
9/1/2019 c16 Cameron McIntyre
Name it the second dimension battle part 2
8/30/2019 c15 Cameron McIntyre
Have them fight with their swords
8/29/2019 c14 Cameron McIntyre
How about jake two helps jake one deafet hook two
8/27/2019 c13 Cameron McIntyre
Have jake two surrender
8/25/2019 c12 Cameron mcintyre
Why did you remake the same chapter
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