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5/12/2015 c1 6Kinsutenekochan
Oh, come on, its cute! ;D great job, keep it up and Thank you!
5/17/2009 c1 tangerinetikitati
So cute :]
9/19/2007 c1 7J Luc Pitard
I like the way you work interesting things into a fluffy construct.
5/7/2006 c1 18Inudaughter
well its interesting (love Kag's boldness and the snowstorm idea), but i don't think inuyasha would be comfortable with that.
8/30/2005 c1 2CTHKSI
Aw...that's so swet! XD

Yet so sickening at the same time. O_o

Um...yeah. Bide with me while I sort out my ambivalent emotions. o_O

Anyways, you write really well. ^_^
8/3/2005 c1 13ccchocolate-rrrose
aw! that was cute!
2/13/2005 c1 13SKgirl
I absolutely ove this story, please keep writing, I hope to read more of your stories soon.

Ja ne

10/21/2004 c1 Gonff
lol aw, cute. No worries...bag was unneccesary, and will be used further for easter egg hunts ^_^
9/26/2004 c1 Midnight Spell
Fluffy! I love Inu-Kag fluff! Great story! Did u say u that u read volume 30? Could u tell me what kind of relationship Inu & Kag are in and what has been happening? ^_^
8/26/2004 c1 3Tsuki Karasu
Even though i'll get horrible cavities from reading this story, i loved it anyways!
8/22/2004 c1 GuardianL
Whack Inuyasha with that mallet, he deserves it.

I am personally of the opinion that one can never have too much fluffiness, and I enjoyed your story for that reason. It was easy to read, because of good paragraph spacing, it had good spelling and grammar, it had a good story, and it was finished!

Congratulations on a wonderful story!
7/9/2004 c1 10akire
I absolutely totally utterly agree with you!

I love the fluff in this and I think it's really great and I agree that Kikyo *cough:bitch:cough* is in the way! and that InuYasha shuold just get with Kagome already! gr Kikyo pisses me off and she should be tortured til death,brought back and tortured again! anyway great fanfic ^_^
6/18/2004 c1 14Aryanne
Aw. I just love fluff. Yes, that was extremely fluffy. I can't imagine Inuyasha saying that, haha. He would turn so red!
3/25/2004 c1 8Akatala
Sickening? Inuyasha and Kagome fluff could NEVER be sicking, goof! lol Anywho.. great story. ^_^
3/23/2004 c1 37Jezunya
AH! Wonderful! XD Very cute, sweet (yes, almost to the point of being sickening ^_^), and of course insightful! I am so glad to finally find someone who thinks the same about the whole Kag/Inu/Kik situation! He may owe Kikyou his life (or at least -thinks- he does... He may have helped lead to her death, but she actually went out of her way to kill him! Sheesh! ~_~), but he owes Kagome his heart! ^_^ I love it!
You really must write more Inuyasha fiction. You're very good at it. ^_^
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