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9/11 c17 thor3000
The situation that Oz is trapped in is very similar to what happened to Sisyphus, The daughters of Danao, Eresichton, Atlas, Prometheus, Ixion and Tantalus that no matter how much he tries to get out of his punishment / eternal task they cannot complete it or find a way out of it and Salem doesn't help his situation.

Compared to other punishments / curses that appear in Greek, Latin American,Egypt mythologies, among others; Salem can get rid of hers if she stops being so stubborn and stubborn that she does not want to learn the lesson of the value of life and death, and that she was partly to blame for the situation she is in if she has taught us anything. the various mythologies is that you be careful not to make God too angry because you do not know what kind of punishment or curse it can put you
8/26 c17 Lily-Quaun
Was wondering wether Vanitas would show or not, only thing left is Ven’s Chirithy.

Will Kairi and Oscar appear again before Vol 4/5, or will they only reappear with “Hello, I’m Prof. Ozpin” or “Is there a Ruby Rose here? Well. I think her uncle could use some help.”?

Also, I’m going to go out on a limb here and call it, -Ozpin is probably going to end up being Ephemer(mostly ‘cause of the hair) or the Master of Masters himself

Great story!
8/7 c17 Guest
When did Zwei join the crew on the gummi ship did he somehow sneak into the ship while teams SLVR, RWBY and JNPR got on the ship?
7/3 c17 6Noxmad
So I have a very loving relationship with the Kingdom Hearts X RWBY category of this site. When I was posting my mega-crossover this portion of the internet came flying out in massive levels of support for the work, more so than when it had existed in other locations. The support was so great in fact that I started posting the sequel here as well to give it a dedicated home from start to finish.

That all being said, I wanted to finally pay back a community that has been so caring to me. I did not know how to do that until I read this fic and it inspired me to leave my first review on this site. So to you...

Dear lyokoMARVELanime:

I absolutely adore this fanfic and cannot wait to see it continued. You reminded me about where my love of writing this type of content truly came from, you have made me remember so much from the two of the stories that I love most, and I don't know if I have ever seen someone capture character so well as you have done. Over the last four days, I have spent more time reading your work than working on my own. Your word count astounds me, and very rarely do I feel that you have written something that does anything other than directly help feed into the quality of the work you have made here. You have inspired this heart of mine in ways that it has not felt since the original time I played through the Kingdom Hearts series or watched RWBY. I know that I am just some rare, wild guy on a fanfiction site, but I hope that your passion for writing Fanfiction never burns out.

With all the love appropriate to this scenario and environment:
7/2 c17 6CT7567Rules
I was expecting something involving Gundam, Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel or Sword Art Online, but this was well worth the wait for you to post something.

So, you're an older sibling as well, huh? I am as well and I bet you don't like it when your younger siblings don't listen to you or call you names.

Now, I don't know if you've watched it, but Star Wars: The Bad Batch is awesome and you should check it out, if you are going to use it for your Transformers/Star Wars crossover. Speaking of Transformers, if you are looking for fighter jets to use as vehicle modes for the Autobots or the basis for Cybertronian vehicle modes, I would go with the F-20A Tigershark, F15C Eagle and F14D Super Tomcat.

Now as a marvel fan, I recommend you check out Avengers: Infinity Wars, an Avengers/Star Wars crossover primarily using the Legends universe of Star Wars with a bit of Canon when it comes to Grogu.

Anyway, great chapter and I can't wait to see what you have next.
6/23 c17 Guest
I wonder if Vanitas does end up returning will he be against Salem and Luxu or work for Salem and Luxu In my opinion He’ll be against them, looking for the relics and face off against Sora and Ruby’s group and Luxu and Salem’s faction.
6/22 c17 Guest
If Vanitas does return I wonder if he’ll side with Salem and Luxu or be against Salem and Luxu like that evil vs evil trope or big bad ensemble (two or more big bads working against each other) trope. When he is revived he’ll most likely be against Luxu and Salem in my opinion. Also when Luxu reveals himself to team SLVR I think he’ll tell them that Xehanort was merely a pawn in his plan. I’m excited to see what happens.
6/21 c17 fernandamichelleraya
By the way of course you're not forced to share my thoughts on the show but I at least hope you get the perspective on why specifically the scene of Weiss pointing her sword at Whitley left a bad impression on people. Whitley is in the same position as Weiss and Winter; Jacque seems to have an especially tight lock on Whitley. The sisters at least supported each other and are pretty confrontational but it's never been hinted if they tried to include Whitley (I don't know if the writers had plans for him to exist in the first 3 volumes but whatever) who is the youngest so of course he'll latch onto his father; he's the only one who gives him attention since he's all alone while his sisters were doing other stuff and Willow was drinking away. I have no idea if Klein kept him company. He's a victim as well but contrary to his sisters he had to accept it and believes it's safer to do whatever Jacque says. Besides at worst Whitley was just smug towards Weiss; he never berated, sabatoged or physically hurt her. Let's not forget that pointing her SWORD at him close up was still freaking crazy; I don't have a clue why the writers chose to have that happen but it just left a bad taste in peoples mouths. Like guys I get they needed to get Nora inside but just push him aside.
6/19 c17 Guest
If Yang loses her arm like in canon will Lea bow revenge against Adam? And will we have a triple threat battle between Aqua, Winter and Qrow during the vytal festival?
6/16 c17 Guest
I personally agree with your opinion of Jacques Schnee; the man was a worthless waste of humanity and will not be missed by me. Does some part of Vanitas still exist inside of Ven? If so, that's definitely not good! Keep up the good work and stay safe from the coronavirus!
6/16 c17 Captain Imaginat
Can you put in Sora's Keyblade Formchanges ( Shooting Star, Hero's Origin, Crystal Snow, Kingdom Key, Hunny Spout, Starblade Light, Grand Chef, Happy Chef, Ever After, Classic Tone, Wheel Of Fate, Nano Gear, Ultima Weapon, Oathkeepr, Oblivion, Favorite Deputy), Commands with Disneyland Attractions ( Big Magic Mountain, Pirate Ship, blaster Blaze, Mad Tea Cups, Splash Run, Magic Carousel), Formchanges ( Guardian Form, Strike Form, Element Form, Second Form, Ultimate Form, Light Form, Dark Form Double Form), Drive Forms ( Valor Form, Wisdom Form, Master Form, Final Form, Limit Form) and Shotlcoks ( Bladefury Eclipse, Fruit Crusher, Sunday Blast, Phantom Rush, Stellar Inception, Infinity Circle, Drain Shock, Hyper Hammer, Meteor Shower, Noise Flux, Sweet Surprise, King Of Hearts, Driving Barrage, Atomic Deluge, Cluster Carronade, Blades Of The Round, Ghost Horde, Zone Connector, Shimmering Drop, Hunny Burst, Spectral Rays, Drill Drive, Hunny Drizzle, Steam Spiral, Union Ragnarok, Flag Rampage, Diamond Dust, Cubic Stream, Wrap Trick, Frozen Crescents, Ragnarok, Blade Storm, Snakebite) as well as Flowmotion in Remnant Of The Key and have Sora use them.
6/17 c17 Dragon Rider 66
Hmm. Well this was certainly an interesting update. Kinda funny that the day this was posted was on my Birthday too, hehehe. :D

Interesting with that conversation with Ienzo about the heartless situation and the scanners, not too much to be said for that one.

Makes sense on the choices on everyone's toy forms, although I now can't help but wish and wonder if Ven's toy form could've been more along the lines of him in his keyblade armor with a removeable helmet either kind of like Buzz's build/mold or kind of like the toys for some characters from the Clone Wars, like certain clone troopers or the space version of Anakin if that makes sense.

Makes sense with the choices on how the main gang were split up, although that also makes me hope a bit in the future that for a future world it might be where Roxas and JNPR are in the lead in a way to shine while Sora and RWBY stay behind or something, just to help a bit with diversity in a way and nod have Sora be the main focus for everything, even if he is the main protagonist. Though best places I can think of for that kind of scenario would be any of the worlds Ven's been to that Sora hasn't yet like Snow White or Sleeping Beauties worlds...

Very interesting on going on with Ven here with Vanitas and the Unversed, actually wasn't expecting this. Makes it kind of similar to some other situation in some series that I've read or watched, best and only example I can think of right now being from Bleach with Ichigo and his Inner Hollow if that makes sense should you have read/watched that series...or I guess possibly even being something kind of similar yet different to Oscars situation with Ozpin...

Certainly makes me curious to see how this might go for Vens development later, especially if it leads to some interesting new possibilities with help from Vanitas, like possibly being able to later on summon Vanitas' keyblade and/or duel wield them like how Roxas can do that naturally, or maybe create a similar yet different version to the form changes KH3's Oath Keeper and Oblivion have...or at least the fusion form anyway...

Makes sense with Weiss being able to do her partial summon early considering things that happened here. Now it raises the question on how that path's growth is going to go later on during this trip before the festival happens and Winter arrives on the scene...

Nice work on the life lessons here from Woody and Buzz, not too much to say there.

Nice choice with having Peter Pan and Tinker Bell be summoned here. And here I thought that would've happened when Roxas was around as well to cause some really weird confusions and stuff between him and Ven or something.

Nice work with the "falling with style" scene, really liked it.

I think that's just about everything related to this chapter. Now to focus on the stuff outside it, like some of the things you said in the AN.

Regarding what you said about Vol. 8, makes sense and I can understand what you mean, though I think I have some of my own thoughts on some of the things that happened there, but I don't really think that's too important at the moment and stuff. Although you got any possible ideas/predictions on what might happen in Vol. 9 considering the ending and that after credits scene?

Regarding my previous review, nice to know about the name. As for the Nora part, makes sense, but at the same time I can actually think of some worse things than her learning Lightning magic...although that thought's more for this other Crossover Fic if this idea I thought of for it somehow happens...Not to mention Nora still have a limit on how much her semblance can do. Best case example being what happened to her in Vol. 8...

Nice to know about Oscar. Definitely making sure to keep an eye out for him in that regard while wondering what those developments might be.

Nice to know about the idea I gave you. Now to just wonder what my next one you might take from a review (or possibly a future PM) might be... ;)

Moving on to the last part, based on what I'm reading here for the preview, looks like instead of focusing on just one world per chapter we're instead getting something of a montage for some of the different worlds the gang's traveling too, my best case being that it's more specifically the more "minor" worlds that shouldn't have a princess of heart or will have all too much of a main focus/scene of character development and stuff. Best case examples I can think of at the moment being worlds like Deep Jungle, Halloween Town, and maybe the Pride Lands. Only one way to find out though.

See you later.
6/17 c17 30Spiderfan626
Great chapter! I loved all the references to the first two Toy Story movies as well as the nods to KH3. So, even there RWBY has a web series similar to their lives. Maybe Yang can avoid getting disarmed. He, see what I did there. Yeah, I'm not proud of it either.

Anyhow, nods to the future of the series with signs the Xigbar might still be alive. Even if Sora doesn't believe he survived. And a possible return of Vanitas. At least in Ven's mind like how my original X-Men crossover he was with Sora. Might actually reconsider rebooting it and trying again with Season 2. But that's like after I finish a few of my other stories first.

Oh and Peter Pan and Tinker Bell showed up. Guess this means they won't go to neverland. Kinda wanted to see RWBY's and JNPR's reaction to Hook's fear of the crocodile.

Hmmm... not sure what the next world is. Maybe Hercules? Beauty and the Beast? Or maybe Hollow Baiston to meet the Final Fantasy crew? Probably not Aladdin, not yet anyways. I'm pretty sure you would have hinted at it if it was time to return to Agrabah. Either way, looking forward to the next chapter. SLVR Chibi as well. And I'm not sure what you have planned for RWBY meetings but I'm sure it'll be great. Also, really looking forward to Friendly Nigherborhood Huntsmen! I really want to see Spidey own the RWBY villains! Keep up the great work!
6/16 c17 5Monkey D. Conan
Woo, that was a monster sized chapter…and I loved it! I’ve always been partial to longer chapters myself, even if they take longer, I find them more fulfilling.

So happy to see an update, especially on this story!

I have to be honest, while I knew you’d do it well considering you always do an amazing job in each of your stories, I wasn’t expecting much more then a filler chapter when you said the next world would be Toy Box. That said I was honestly surprised on how deep you got on character development this time around and I was honestly impressed. The character growth all around was both satisfying and realistic for the situation. Nice work!

So, I’m looking forward to what you have planned for Ven and Weiss, but also for this development with Ven and Vanitas. Does this development come from how things ended in Birth by Sleep so Vanitas is a more permanent part of Ven again, or is Vanitas going to be making another come back later on? Is it going to be like Vanitas is a second voice inside Ven’s head like Jeckal and Hyde or more like roommates where he has a vested interest in keep Ven alive as they’re the same person, but not trying to actively take over?

On a separate note, was that feeling Ruby was getting about the dark corridor an instance of her Princess of Heart light magic manifesting or just natural intuition? And on that same note will the silver eyes be adjusted to be connected to being a Princess of Heart or still be entirely separate?

I look forward to the next chapter as well. With multiple worlds, it’s anyone’s guess which you’ll visit, though I do hope Destiny’s island shows up before they head back to Remnant. And on that same note I hope Lea and Yang actually talk about her mom before than as well, because while I’m sure the Fall of Beacon won’t be as bad with team SLVR there, somehow I imagine it still won’t be pretty for everyone and I’m hoping the heroes will all be in a better position in the aftermath. Still, excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
6/16 c17 fernandamichelleraya
I got so excited when I saw a new chapter came out. The time with the characters being in Andy's room was super fun and I think it's cute how Rex saw Team RWBY with their own Yozora rendition. It's too bad that I legitimately don't like any of their Mistral outfits though, too overcomplicated and messy. The Rwby girls spewing out their wiki backstories is a mixed bag. My least favorite was the one between Yang and Ventus; it takes so long and there's not much uniqueness in the dialogue or the the visuals. I will say however that I enjoyed Yang showing her big sister side to Ventus and it's fascinating to hear that Vanitas is still around; he's my favorite KH villain character, not villain but I mean character from the opposing side and I look forward to how things will go on. At least the talk wasn't a waste of time since Yang does go through with talking to Ruby at the end.
The one with Blake telling Ruby and Sora her was a little better; my main problem was Blake being so dark out of nowhere also it's hard to believe that her parents wouldn't at least buy her a doll since they obviously have money, but you know what it was balanced out with the humor. Her goofing off with Ruby and Sora was genuinely endearing and I think how Woody was included was a lot better than with Buzz. Also Ruby and Sora playing pretend parents for Blake in the dollhouse was super adorable.
The talk with Weiss and Lea was the BEST use of the backstory talk and as a scene alone it is genuinely amazing. Seeing these two have a serious talk is really nice and there is so much detailed body language that I can vividly picture it in my head. Lea getting angry at Weiss's father about the scar felt so real and it's so sweet how Weiss actually feels flattered with the protectiveness. They may act like reluctant friends but they're still friends and it felt rewarding when Weiss had her first step with the summoning.
Jacque for a while was very well built as an opposing force and as someone we as the audience really wanted to take down. However, halfway through Volume 7 he became so lame and a huge joke that his scenes with Qrow and Robyn in Volume 8 were a waste of screen time. I did not like Yang in Volume 8; she was a jerk and a hypocrite which is a huge shame since I used to love her; I also hated how they built up this tension between the sisters only for it to go nowhere and instead linger the camera on freaking Bumblebee. I get that it makes sense for Weiss to not have much positivity with Whitley but that does NOT excuse pointing her sword at him; she should've just pushed him to the side because what she actually did was psychotic. The canon show is so broken at this point and the writers make me wanna punch something which makes me sad because this product used to mean a lot to me. But hey at least I have fanfiction to keep me excited when the show can't anymore.
It's your choice on who Team SLVR will fight; I just thought it would be unique to fight Mark Zhang's characters since that would be a cool touch and funny since both teams have the same name.
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