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10/15 c11 Just Veia
One of the best Dasey fics I've ever read!
10/9 c11 peacelovethewalkingdead
10/9 c11 peacelovethewalkingdead
10/9 c8 peacelovethewalkingdead
Bro this is so good. Like the conversations are so realistic. They aren’t cringey or over-dramatic. And the characters’ reactions actually seem real. Like real people.
10/6 c11 Guest
So good! And I laughed out loud!
9/12 c11 Rose1816
Happy ending! I love it
8/17 c11 ch-rainlily
So this beautiful one shot turned multi chapter comes to an end. I remember reading and re-reading the first chapter several times. I loved the angst too much. I really liked how you had unfolded the mystery behind them having separated so well. How far have they come since that night. I couldn't hate Aimee anymore in this chapter and I thank you for being considerate towards her. In this final chapter I really liked reading the scene where Derek admits to stealing Casey's diary. So adorable even though it's not ethical haha. I like when he simply tells Aimee that there will always be only one girl for her. Ughh sooo many feels Venturi. Congratulations on finishing this fic. It's a piece of art and you've done an wonderful job. ️
8/14 c11 35Enx2103
Thank you for finishing this beautiful piece of work ️
8/8 c1 Guest
Ohhhh please don’t let this be the end! It just keeps getting better
8/7 c10 ch-rainlily
Awwwee! Such a beautiful chapter! I loved this fic so so much! I absolutely hate having to say goodbye to it ! Ughh everything was so perfect since the first chapter and everything ended so perfectly as well. A truly perfect fit ! I hope those two figure everything out soon after Christmas too and have their imperfectly perfect happily ever after with lots of bickerings and fights and many many many sweet and adorable moments and a lifetime of solace in each other's arms. I loved Derek too much in this fic even though he put Casey through so much. We don't see his POV much but I can still tell how devoted he remained to Casey ever since he realised his own feelings for her. Congratulations on finishing this fic. You've done a great job!
8/7 c10 Enx2103
Another update? With fluf day dasey? And a cinderella moment? Ugh! And derek ‘serving’ Casey. And on his knees for her? Thank you thank you! I needed some goodness! Crossing my fingers we’ll get a chapter 11!
8/6 c10 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more.
8/4 c9 35Enx2103
Getting the email that you updated was such a gift today! I want to know what he got her! And how Caseys going to survive the holiday at home! Please update soon️
8/4 c9 Guest
Well I’m hoping that in ether the next chapter or a chapter very soon that Derek will put Aimee in her place and remind her that he loves Casey, not her.
8/4 c9 Guest
Derek should have slept on the couch.
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