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12/22/2020 c11 2Arkhamknight591
I love your fic and I hope you continue it. One problem I have however is that I feel like your nerfing the nanosuit a lot sometimes. Other then that however, this is a good story.
12/17/2020 c11 Kane
Pretty cool story youve got going here.

Hell its what made me even aware that Girls Frontline was a thing, so thank you for that.

Though I wont be playing the game, while the gameplay does look interesting and all its not really my cup of tea.

However what intrigues me is the lore which, by the way, you seem to be integrating pretty well thus far, although are you going to adress some of the more inconciliable lore bits of GLF and Crysis?

Like the part about how the Whole Tunguska Event that lead Hargreave and Rasch to find Ceph tech and would eventually culminate in the creation of the Nanosuit was caused by an reactor explosion inside a Relic site or that the USA would at some point abadon any funding for space eploration/ the space race between them and the Soviet Union would be laid to rest (at least thats how I understood the lore write up on gamepress).

Also that conversation between Kryuger and Alcatraz makes me wonder if some side Characters are going to make an appearance at all or if some people mentioned only in passing may have some small roel to play in the story you are writing.

I mean unless Alky mentions them Im not sure if anybody is going to be aware about a Dr. Robert White or some other scientists who where involved in S.F.s study of the Nanosuit, will they or were those amongst the corpses that Alcatraz found at the entrace of that sealed of section from Chapter 4 I believ it was?

A couple other things Im curious about are how the Ceph will fit into your story they seemed to be an X-factor thus far with how M4s run in with a nest lead to her ultimately encountering our Nanosuit wearing protag which in turn lead to him getting to that GnK base that Commander Sykes is in charge of thus progressing the plot.

So, what else are you going to use those Squids for?

Sure they were mostly feral in that little tussle with Alky, yet they still almost killed him if not for that save by M4, so Im curious in what other capacity you are going to involve them and how that leads to their interactions with the other GFL factions.

Basically Im looking forward to see how the Ceph perform against any Human/Machin factions (Sangvis Ferri, KCCO, Paradeus, G&K etc.) and how these organizations are going win against them or get their asses kicked in the varoius encounters the future may have in store.

Seriously though just how op or manageable are things like Pingers going to be versus, basically any Walker/Mech you have to fight in the game and how much fun youll have narrating these battles?
Probably a lot on the later.

Speaking of Walkers, since S.F. is still the main antagonists at this juncture of the story are you going to make any encounters with Dragoons a bit more immersive?
Just asking cause I read on the iopwiki that the Walkers Riders were at some point supposed to have an in game animation of jumping off and continue fighting (though that was mentioned in the comment section of the Dragoon entry) but that got never implemented, for some reason.

Thought that might be something you could include in some fight scene.

Some other things of note, how are the Ceph going to respond to the current situation of both the whole ELID matter and the military capacities of countries across the world, are they going to "evolve" due to the presence of Dolls, are you considering the creation of new forms for the Ceph or might some old abilites and Tech make an reappearance though adapted to the opposition (some stuff from Crysis 1 like the "Singularity" canons, freeze beams and such or you could have the Ceph use some form of energy Syphon as weapon against T-dolls?

Now that I think of it could the Nanosuits NOM function be used on a still living being, though it may not help against ELID infectees but what about normal Humans and later in the Story any Nytos he may get a hold of (depends on just how fast it works, though thats mostly inspired by that one moment in chapter 10 were Alky got laid low by Executioner for a bit), although getting yourself metabolised as energy for the Suit while still alive would be a pretty bad way to go, for what few moments you are capable of perceiving paing.

Also is could the Nanosuit syphon energy directly from T-dolls?
Depending on how fast that process takes he could utilize it as a means of imobilization against some foes or at the very least useit to soften them up while having a means of dealing with some of the Nanosuits energy issuse in the field, just lessen them not completely make them a non-issue.

Just trying to get these thoughts of before I forget why Im even writting this.

Hope that helps you in some capacity.

12/13/2020 c11 Guest
First crysis fanfiction I've ever found and it is already one of my favorite fanfictions (maybe #1 but top 3 for sure)in general your writing is amazing and thank you for writing this
12/2/2020 c11 Guest
i sense a forboding M16 ship
and i'm on board with it
11/28/2020 c11 1All American Autor
Other than being a bit of a psycho, this story is alright. hope the writing spark comes soon.
11/27/2020 c11 2Lord of Moons
Nice chapter, but small plot hole. You say the scavengers shot up T-dolls, then say the city security dolls don't have emotions or morals...
11/27/2020 c11 Random Reader
Honestly this is one of my favorite stories from . The world building is also phenomenal and now Sop is coming (Can't wait to see how Alcatraz and Sops relationship play out).

Its ugh... Words cannot describe how amazing this fic is.
11/24/2020 c11 1Arkady Svidrigailov
My favorite part of GFL has always been the world and the lore, and this chapter really solidified your story as my favorite portrayal of that setting. Fantastic job.
11/24/2020 c11 1gerome945
Funnily enough, Alcatraz is basically a robot at this point. Which makes coupling with dolls completely kosher, in my opinion.
11/21/2020 c11 Seros109
G36c forever. She is so cute!

I don't know if I hadn't already asked that. But will there be a romance for Alcatraz?

Good chapter, good length!

Keep up the good work and greetings from Germany
11/20/2020 c11 Shashenka
Thanks for putting in the time and effort to write another great chapter of this story! i really really enjoyed it!
11/20/2020 c11 I Yorick I
Dear lord this was a treat to read!
11/20/2020 c11 AmmoAnon
Another Good chapter, solid description and world building. And I'd be lying if I wasn't looking forward to the meeting with SOP.
11/20/2020 c11 7Bioweapon 155
Oh lord Almighty Alcatraz is about to meet Soppo.
11/20/2020 c11 freezxp
I would be surprised if MK23 being a main character doesn't scare you author. Anyway nice to see you still kicking and the fic isn't too rushed; bits and pieces felt rushed a bit like the church part though this is my opinion on it but still nicely done with your fic author
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