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1/15 c11 16ScholarX
Is this story dead?
1/15 c1 ScholarX
I’ll give this a shot
12/30/2021 c11 CrappyIdiots
Damn, 2021 is coming to the end, and still no updates. Anyways, I was thinking about Persica for a while. Do you think she could separate Laurence Barnes's file from our main protagonist and transfer it to T-dollI hope dark-skinned Waifu frame )?
11/12/2021 c11 1Nightroad816
Hey your Crysis crossover story is awesome and im glad you pick Girls Frontline...i was also hoping that Alcatraz will also met the infamous Task Force 404 too...

Also when you gonna continue this story? Its beem a year now
10/11/2021 c11 Sierratuere
10/11/2021 c10 Sierratuere
(possibly) into bdsm? more like... positively into BDSM
10/11/2021 c10 Sierratuere
hey-! i use the low power microwave setting. it's helpful for reheating breads and not having them come out hard as a brick and crustier than ur mom
10/11/2021 c8 Sierratuere
how am i on chapter eight already nooooo
10/11/2021 c6 Sierratuere
\ /
10/11/2021 c5 Sierratuere
Cast away moment
10/11/2021 c4 Sierratuere
You could say that... executioner.. was dis..-armed and defenseless :))))
9/19/2021 c7 holandia1103
Damn. F
9/18/2021 c3 holandia1103
so this has no right to be actually well written, but damn is it. if you would've asked me if i though that a fucking girlsfrontlineXcrysis story would have a chance at even being remotely interesting and/or entertaining i would've said no, yet here i stand corrected.
9/2/2021 c2 Ctrlalta
sadge still no new chapter
9/1/2021 c1 Dasgun
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