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9/24/2020 c10 Ph0enix17
Poor Alcatraz, he didn’t know there was gonna he toppings on his shit sundae. Hopefully he would be alright...or turn into a crazed hermit that talks to a rock like last time. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
9/24/2020 c10 1ThePolishSausageRoaster
First, fantastic choice of music for the fight. Second, fuck man this chapter had me depressed at the ending.
9/24/2020 c10 alfamega20000
always nice to see a new update for this
9/22/2020 c9 StuG
Caught up to this chapter after first starting this story just a few hours ago, and I just want to say that this is becoming one of my favorite stories so far. keep up the good work, and I look forward to future updates!
9/6/2020 c9 1Cousin687
Dude this shit is hilarious and I thoroughly enjoy it. Don't care how long it takes to update, just keep having fun with it.
8/6/2020 c8 2Lord of Moons
I have long searched for the reason why Mk23 is a catgirl, and my search has borne fruit my fellows. Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid uses the Mk23 pistol. He is famous for hiding in cardboard boxes. Cats of all sizes like sitting in cardboard boxes. He would have the Mk23 with him when in a cardboard box. Thus the Mk23 must be a cat. However only catgirls can shoot. The mystery is solved my fellows, let us rejoice.
8/4/2020 c9 harasan21
does anybody see a fanfic between gundam and girls frontline
8/2/2020 c9 CrappyIdiots
In terms of game scenario, what role will Alcatraz take on the field. He can't be frontline since T-dolls already got the position from the front battle, neither the HOCs too. Maybe or probably temporary reinforcement for 8 seconds that could tank the enemy area.
8/1/2020 c9 6DamnedBeret
At this point, I'm just waiting for Alcatraz's reaction to the Healing Chapter debacle. With all the insanity of Anti-Rain and 404 Fireteam in particular and G&K dolls in general, Alky and Prophet would probably want to distance themselves from "the current Shikikan's" mental asylum.
7/17/2020 c9 shadehuntsman666
I find this story very interesting since it takes two completely different games and blend them so well together, hell this story actually got me curious enough to download Girls Frontline
7/16/2020 c7 7XxGargantuaxX
7/15/2020 c9 Guest
Considering that Alcatraz is essentially Jailbroken, couldn't he try and update Psycho's nanites as a thank you gift of sorts? Alky is basicallly a swarm of nanites so it shouldn't be impossible.
7/10/2020 c9 Guest
Oh no...

...not HER.
7/10/2020 c9 15Classic Mecraphone
Now wouldn’t THAT make for an interesting therapy session?
Alcatraz: yeah I have this really abusive and controlling partner living inside my head.
(Skin shifts and crawls)
Prophet: I’m the abusive and controlling partner.
Therapist: ...huh?
7/10/2020 c9 Goodbye Start button
When I clicked on this story I wasn't really expecting anything, the more I read the more I find this work pleasantly surprising and just kept on grinning ear to ear. The Integration of the lore of Crysis and GFL together was pretty seamless IMO.

Keep it up man.
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