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4/10/2020 c4 3Rainemonday
Loved this story! Best line: "I had just put my guts back in!"
I loved how she's starting to embrace her inner succubus, letting the demon feed yet still retaining enough "Harry"-ness so you always know who the MC is. Great job!

Really hoping to read more!
12/11/2019 c4 5DschingisKhan
Been a while since I caught up on this whole saga. I'll be honest, I kind of expected her to... ah, "adopt" Saito and blow the whole case wide open, but it ended up as just a dinner date. Oh well. Still, it the whole thing was very Dresden; mission accomplished.

She needs a better car, though. Maybe some real American Muscle; early-mid '60s Impala or GTO. Hot stuff should have a hot ride, ya know!
11/11/2019 c4 Lukkai
Car seemed appropriate, judging their general paranoia. But as you wrote, it is really quite hard to rid something the size of a car, never mind a house, completely of useful evidence. Especially if a wizard comes into play.
Heck of a fight. And now Halley really had a taste of how it feels giving in to the hunger. I think this would mark the first time this really hit home with her. (And I gather that a Kitsune probably makes for quite an appetizing target to a predator like the succubae here are.)
Still quite a number of loose threads though. That, I guess, will be adressed over time. Not the least of it being just who the hell gave out that much information about Halley and Ranma to Saito (and if she knows, it's highly likely the rest of her group does too). That information was awfully detailed and how it just happens to be made available to a group that might (not will, might) cross Halley's path such a short time after her change is really quite remarkable. Especially considering the BlackSky link being covered as well. Which does not exactly seem to be common knowledge on this particular plane.
Looking forward to you picking up those threads again later on.
11/8/2019 c3 1Zaceron
Brilliant as always, even with the over indulgent costume porn, I've read pretty much all of your posted stories.
10/1/2019 c3 Lukkai
Don't know how much it would help, but Stallings would be able to find out what car they used, now that they know which garage it was parked in.
Of course that car is likely to turn up soon as completely burned out wreck.
10/1/2019 c1 Lukkai
Could have gone with Harriet instead of Halley. Might have been easier for his friends and acquaintances with Harry being both phonetically closer and able to double as a shortened name to the first.

It also has a certain British quality to it, has it not. ;)
10/1/2019 c3 2Kaiya Azure
Well, there goes the idea that the ninja lady might have been on the side of good. Though that does leave the unanswered question of just what exactly is going on. On the one hand, it sounds like the naughty ninja might be looking for specific kids that they could take with them to their clan for the sake of recruitment and getting fresh blood into the group's gene pool. On the other hand, the info they gathered could be used to identify who might be the best targets for being drained subtly to supply energy to something. Of course that's assuming the kids won't be sacrificed in the end.
9/28/2019 c3 4Vi-Violence
Nice chapter!
9/25/2019 c2 Vi-Violence
9/18/2019 c2 2Kaiya Azure
Hm, her choice of grenades makes me wonder if the ninja nurse is simply a third party trying to figure out what's going on and wasn't thrilled with Dresden's blunt questioning.
9/13/2019 c2 Elceleth
As always a fun read !Thank you !
8/17/2019 c1 8Lunar Adept
This is going to be interesting!
8/17/2019 c1 WillItWork
Super special treat! I heart the banter, although Halley instead? Anyway seems a little casual about things, how long has the time skip been?

Thanks for sharing!

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