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for wild winds come a calling (but you're no longer here)

12/13/2022 c1 2ChankoLegacy
Amazing story. It's one I've read multuple times and seem to keep coming back to every few months. Reading of grief and how one processes it is very cathartic for me I suppose. You wrote her feelings beautifully, and while it ended on a great note, part of me wishes I could read more. Thank you for this!
8/21/2019 c1 Supersonicfan1107
Incredibly done! Nice read.
8/18/2019 c1 1Bezerker21
Jesus christ. That's... an incredibly accurate depiction of grief. It takes time for those wounds to become scars. And even longer for the scars to fade. Good job
8/17/2019 c1 RoselineGift
thank you for writing such a good depiction of the byleth and how she's coping. aaaand double thank you for actually adressing Edelgard's way of trying to 'Help' ngl it really pissed me off when she talked like that to byleth.

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