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for The Mage of the Eyrie

5/20 c10 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
I just have to say this. The Vale is the first place the Andals landed on. It is the first area that was converted to the Seven. It was from this bastion that they launched their crusade for the rest of Westeros, only ending at the Neck. It makes no sense that a.) they wouldn't have a Sept in the Eyrie and b.) that they would just turn away from the Seven. Again, first area converted. It would probably be like Rome today converting to Islam even if there are magical signs. Highly unlikely. Aside from that, the story is well written.
5/19 c17 LabsByEerie
I'm enjoying reading this story, it seems very well researched
4/6 c5 Guest
God, I utterly despise the omniscient bloordraven trope that's almost everywhere. If he was so powerful and all knowing then GoT would be such a shitshow in general...ffs
4/1 c17 5intata
This story is amazing.
Really good stuff!
3/26 c13 pltrgst
is the bettayal made for this spell slinging chapter?
3/25 c17 lazyguy90
This is a fun story.

Keep up the good work.
3/25 c16 yochan123
welp cat's out of the bag i guess
3/17 c4 3Shirosaki345
Selling maps of your lands is stupid and doing so during a war is down right retartrf
3/16 c16 aesir21
Well done Jasper. Too bad he didn’t kill Cerci while he was in keep. Ah well
3/14 c3 Amun565
He's essentially made the runic version of a Gemini charm. which is temporary. he is also transfiguring materials which is also .. temporary.
3/14 c3 Amun565
Where did he get the paper and ink?
3/14 c4 Amun565
Where did they get cement and fused stone?
3/14 c17 aesir21
I am so glad Tyrion was able to save Tysha, she has been the safe harbor for him.
3/13 c17 Guest
if harry uses fiendfyre on the greyjoys he'll be worshipped by the freakin cult of the red god as their gods avatar

a kid that can put a fleet of ironilander ships with a wave of his hand?

i hope he puts a bejilion concealing charms and notice me nots and muggle warding on his wand cuz if not i swear imma reach into the multiverse and insert some CONSTANT VIGELANCE so far up his ass he's gonna vomit out the letters like a female hentai protag with a hentai logic body that doesnt die due to reverse drowning from the ass
3/13 c15 Guest
harry wasnt really lowborn tho? he was part of the oldest wizard families

dumbles just dropped the ball and accidentally kicked it into a manure pile with harrys predicament with his relatives

cuz really who expected the dursleys to treat their family like that and who woulda thought fig would do a really shitty job at monitoring harrys home life?

dumbles really needed to trust delegate better
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