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for The Mage of the Eyrie

9/18 c14 LunaticaLestrangeBlack
Me gusta tu historia!
Continúa, por favor
9/7 c14 1ThePhoenixxFlame
What a tease T_T
9/5 c13 haseosamaa
9/5 c10 passanger
I think i should point out that transfigurations wear off after some time. It will be very awkward when those necklaces turn into cutlery.
9/5 c6 haseosamaa
good one
9/5 c14 1Pont1ac-Band1t
Loving this story, excellent premise. Never imagined a vale angle for a HP/GameOfThrones x-over before. It works so well. I truly hope you continue and finish this.
9/5 c14 FalseProphet75
This mess (the rebellion) has Petyr Baelish written all over it. Finance and enable a rebellion that fails but kills Jasper, thus ensuring that any heirs to the Vale come from Lysa, who he can manipulate with impunity.
9/4 c1 Pont1ac-Band1t
Not liking the name Jasper but like everything else so far.
9/3 c14 6era-romance
hoping for more soon
9/3 c14 12Mireya Humbolt
Muy buen fic, espero con ansias lo continues, Felicidades¡
9/2 c14 9hitesh90
Faith! It has to be the top brass of faith that are behind this for sure.
8/31 c13 1malinkody
I enjoyed this story. Would love to read more. Thank you for writing.
8/30 c13 12Mireya Humbolt
wow, eso fue impactante, me gusto como manejaste que no es tan poderoso y le da un razgo de humanidad, ahora me muero de ganas por saber que hara jasper, por favor continualo pronto¡, muchas felicidades¡
8/25 c13 Stonecastle
Really enjoyed reading this so far hope you get the chance to keep writing it!
8/11 c13 1Sakihinata
Thanks for the new chapters ;)
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