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for The Mage of the Eyrie

6/7 c18 5flame55
This is great can’t wait for more
6/6 c18 og.grid
Thanks for the chapter.
6/6 c10 og.grid
Is this fic all about girls or something? Building a harem perhaps. I found the nickname for Mya kinda weird cuz the real name is just two syllables and keeping it one syllable to make her recognize as his sister is just weird.

How about the king or other higher nobles? Did he/they not recognize the progress of the Vale? Robert is too depressed I guess but how about the others? The smallfolk and other houses. What is their view of the Vale? Maybe you can give us what is on their mind?
6/6 c3 og.grid
The riverlands have been robbed off having a heir from Vale be one of their bloods. They will probably assassinate or kill Harry/Jasper if ever given the chance, especially now that they are in a war, since he was the heir of the Vale.
6/6 c14 1Damien NightFall
Jesus fuck really why does he have such a boner for Dorne? Literally from the beginning he trusted them with stuff that didn't make sense, and now he's telling the full truth to someone he full well knows will relay everything to her uncles, both who love to scheme and have their own agendas. If this was the Harry of the past I'd understand but this is Jasper, he's like double the age he was when he was reborn, with an entire medieval life of experiences that should have taught him to keep his cards close to his chest. Overall decent story till this point but the character is very much not my style I guess because so many of his actions or interactions annoy me.
6/6 c18 MasterOfDragonsGod
6/6 c18 2mwinter1
Awaiting more
6/6 c1 Tenjo
… already walking within ten months and speaking in full sentences by the time he turned two…”

I dunno if things were different in the medieval era, but that seems pretty standard to me? I could walk by eight months (and run, if you count uncontrolled charging as running) and was able to properly converse by two. My brother, sister, nieces and nephews were about the same… barring one, but considering he’s three and still can’t say a single word I think we can reasonably exclude him from what is considered the norm.
6/6 c18 KEZZ 1
Brilliant chapter Thankyou
6/5 c18 Guest
love it
5/20 c10 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
I just have to say this. The Vale is the first place the Andals landed on. It is the first area that was converted to the Seven. It was from this bastion that they launched their crusade for the rest of Westeros, only ending at the Neck. It makes no sense that a.) they wouldn't have a Sept in the Eyrie and b.) that they would just turn away from the Seven. Again, first area converted. It would probably be like Rome today converting to Islam even if there are magical signs. Highly unlikely. Aside from that, the story is well written.
5/19 c17 LabsByEerie
I'm enjoying reading this story, it seems very well researched
4/6 c5 Guest
God, I utterly despise the omniscient bloordraven trope that's almost everywhere. If he was so powerful and all knowing then GoT would be such a shitshow in general...ffs
4/1 c17 5intata
This story is amazing.
Really good stuff!
3/26 c13 pltrgst
is the bettayal made for this spell slinging chapter?
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