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for 702:Donna meets PRIMA

8/16 c1 47TalkingSalad12
6/22 c1 38Eduard Kassel
Well you certainly hit the ground running. Is this the continuation of another work?

Surprised Will would easily disclose this information to Donna. And a Groot, like Guardians of the Galaxy, in involved?

Ah, so a set up chapter to recount past actions.
6/18 c71 45FairySinGirl
I like Alexa's song she sang during the wedding after Will and Matt said their vows. And also when Peggy and Mahi caught the bouquet.
6/18 c71 2Heart of the Demons
This chapter helps a lot because of the songs mostly. ;)
6/18 c70 Heart of the Demons
I can tell that Will and Matt's wedding will be a very special one for them and for the people in their lives. :)
6/18 c69 Heart of the Demons
P.R.I.M.A. is at their very best here. With your understanding of both storytelling and crossovers, you never fail to deliver on the goods.
6/18 c68 Heart of the Demons
Loved the inclusion of the canon "W.I.T.C.H." characters here. They really helped to liven things up for this chapter.
6/18 c70 45FairySinGirl
I hope they'll be able to defeat King Jeiva so they can get back in time for Will and Matt's wedding.
6/18 c69 FairySinGirl
I like the dresses the girls got that they're gonna wear at Will and Matt's wedding.
6/18 c68 FairySinGirl
I like how the girls went and got Will's friends together to surprise her with a reunion.
6/11 c67 FairySinGirl
I'm glad Addison and Mae got their dad back and unbrainwashed him. Lol! And that was funny what he did to expose Principal McLean's homophobia against homosexuals, Principal McLean got what he deserved for plotting to banish all homosexuals from school. I wonder who the new principal will be now that he's been fired.
6/11 c66 FairySinGirl
I'm glad they stopped the Ferociars from sabotaging the festival.
So Lua Doi is really Addison's father? Oh dear, I'm gonna feel bad for Addison if/when she ever eventually discovers that. I'm curious to know how he became captured by Asinorth when she brainwashed him though.
6/11 c66 2Heart of the Demons
This chapter was definitely an undertaking, but I'm glad I got to read it. Everything felt well balanced.
6/11 c67 Heart of the Demons
Nice of you to come back to this story. It was a ton of fun seeing how things in this new chapter unfolded. Only four more letters left in the alphabet to go now. ;)
4/17 c65 Heart of the Demons
The girls of PRIMA are full-on fleshed out in this latest chapter. Each one is characterized to a T.
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