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for 702:Donna meets PRIMA

4/17 c65 45FairySinGirl
I'm glad they exposed Asinorth as a fake medium, and rescued Angelina the Apparitionist.
4/17 c64 FairySinGirl
Cool, I like Alexa's song that she wrote. And I like how Matt taught her how to play the guitar.
4/17 c64 2Heart of the Demons
I'm glad that you remembered the canon "W.I.T.C.H." characters for this new entry of "Donna Meets P.R.I.M.A." They're a favorite highlight of mine.
4/1 c63 Heart of the Demons
This chapter rocks!
3/22 c63 45FairySinGirl
Aww, I like Rayne and Alton singing together at the end there after she helped give him the confidence to sing in front of people.
3/22 c62 FairySinGirl
Oh good grief, Rochelle never learns does she? Crashing their party and trying to steal the spotlight. I'm glad they eventually kicked her out and got their party back on track.
3/22 c62 2Heart of the Demons
You're definitely filled with ideas like in this latest chapter. I had such a blast reading the whole thing.
3/22 c61 Heart of the Demons
This chapter is pure perfection right here.
3/22 c61 45FairySinGirl
Poor Anatole. But I'm glad the file mix-up was eventually sorted out and fixed.
3/21 c60 FairySinGirl
Aww, I like how Peggy and her family still celebrate her grandma's birthday even though she's dead now. and I like how Peggy requested her grandma's favorite song for Matt to play with the Rockin Bonanza band.
3/20 c59 FairySinGirl
I still don't like Principal McLean and his homophobic behavior. I'm glad Mrs. Bach is gonna make sure McLean doesn't harm Addison and her friends. Lol! Also that's funny how they call him McMean behind his back.
3/20 c59 2Heart of the Demons
Nicely done on posting a new chapter of this incredible story here. It was brilliant with characterizations and plotting that helped to advance the story.
2/12 c1 15Ranger Red 2.3
Pretty good start, I love that Will is the Mentor in a way
2/11 c58 45FairySinGirl
Ooh, I'm guessing this is Mae's first boyfriend. The story about Anatole's heart problem was sad though.
2/11 c57 FairySinGirl
I'm glad they saved the candy shop.
Also poor Rayne, I still wonder which boy she'll eventually end up choosing.
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