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for 702:Donna meets PRIMA

2/10 c57 2Heart of the Demons
This chapter truly rocks with all the musical references!
2/9 c56 45FairySinGirl
Wow, Mahi's parents had some nerve to try to get their daughter to come back like that and force her to become straight. I'm glad she told them off like that.
Also that was surprising and interesting to learn about Miss Ghoshal's past with Peggy's grandmother.
2/9 c55 FairySinGirl
I like what Peggy did with the jewelry she got from her aunt, first giving some to Rayne's mom's college friend and then Isadora sending the rest to her parents in Guatemala.
2/8 c54 2Heart of the Demons
This is an entry of your story that completely thrilled me to no end! :D
2/8 c54 45FairySinGirl
Poor Jackson when Rochelle was flirting with him, I'm glad he and the others decided never to let her compete in LADUWS: Ireland.
2/8 c53 FairySinGirl
Lol! That was funny when Rayne put a teal scarf into Rochelle's white to ruin them. Rochelle totally had that coming.
2/8 c52 FairySinGirl
Oh wow, Principal McLean acting like a hippy was pretty creepy. But I'm glad they got him back to his normal self now. Even if he is still homophobic, at least their plan to snap him back to normal worked with that lesbian play that Peggy and Mahi performed in front of him.
2/8 c53 2Heart of the Demons
The additional chapters you posted were absolutely enveloping and fun to read up on.
2/7 c51 45FairySinGirl
I'm glad they rescued Jontray from Lua-Doi.
Also I like how Addison was reading Liam how to roller-skate.
2/7 c50 FairySinGirl
Cool, I like how they all went into each other's dream worlds.
I'm glad they defeated those Jeivan Whales though.
2/6 c50 2Heart of the Demons
Another brilliant new chapter right here. It was pretty well executed.
2/6 c49 45FairySinGirl
I like how they gave Mahi a surprise birthday party after hearing what she said about how she doesn't celebrate her birthday. But at least now she can celebrate her birthday with her friends there with her.
Also I like how Charlie and Lloyd came to visit. Lol! Lloyd's kind of a dimwit compared to his brother Andrew though.
2/6 c48 FairySinGirl
Phew, that was close. I'm glad they were able to keep their parents from actually catching onto their PRIMA identities after they were almost revealed like that.
2/4 c49 2Heart of the Demons
This chapter is a true delight to read. Amazing interactions all over.
1/30 c47 45FairySinGirl
I just hope both of those boys that Rayne fell for don't end up fighting over her.
I feel bad for Alton though, when Rochelle and her posse were putting him in the trash.
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