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for Prince of the Eye

3/17 c46 5Archaon the Everchosen 1999
Wait this sounds familiar where do ai know that name. Oh… well rip to the Imperium things are about to get worse.
3/17 c49 7John Spangler
This was a truly magnificent fic! Thanks for writing!
3/7 c49 Blagoj Pejov1
so begins a new age for humanity
3/6 c49 Maitre Inquisiteur
It was amazing. Thank you for this story.
2/28 c49 Guest
I loved reading Prince of the Eye. It was a really nice run
2/28 c49 2BrazeRancor
For all their posturing as 'Gods' the Big Four are as flawed and fallible as any mortal. Certianly there is more of an ending here than if reality had simply collapsed into the Warp and life was just spent steaming in eternal stasis. There is still hope, after all. The Emperor has a lot to answer for, but perhaps ten thousand years on the Throne was enough punishment. Hopefully the other lessons have sunk in too.

Thanks for your hard work over these years, hope you enjoyed writing is as much as I enjoyed reading it.
2/28 c49 farroljgk
Excellent work. Not the end I expected but still a good end for this story.

Hopefully the Emperor can restore things and push Chaos back. And he won't suffer another Great Rebellion or civil war later down the line.

Please continue with your other works and write new ones.

Take your time, no rush for the quality you make and give.
2/28 c49 8Antony444
Splendid epilogue, thank you.
2/28 c49 3RohanVos
Wonderful chapter, I enjoyed the soldiers remarks are as Sarge would say Saint if the Imperial Guard Ollanius Pious. :)
2/28 c48 Blagoj Pejov1
wow this was amazing
2/27 c48 3CD DC
Another great piece. I can’t help but wish for a hopeful ending.
2/27 c1 Guest
Hope you continue hell is empty.
2/27 c48 Guest
Excellent chapter can't wait for epilogue, and this story's sequel.
2/26 c48 2BrazeRancor
All the players coming out! I wonder what will be left by the end?

Thanks for your hard work.
2/26 c48 3RohanVos
Wow, well that certainly escalated! I do look forward to seeing what happens next, alas poor Tanith.
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