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4/18 c7 Guest
If you do, do a remake of this. I would suggest adding Tatenashi and getting rid of Cecilia. The problem with harems isn't that they're harems, it's that they're too cliche. If a harem anime actually went on to have as many seasons as it does volume, you'd probably have less people complaining of them, since most complain about them being boring.

At the same time, in fanfics, authors tend to follow cliche trends. One is either going with the standardized canon harem from the original story or choosing harems based off the idea of 'being different', but in the end, the characters don't match up. For an example, take Naruto x Sekirei crossovers. Every one is either going to give Naruto the same harem as Minato Sahashi, or it's going to be a harem of 'unusual' characters, like Akitsu, whom no one knows enough about to accurately portray. The same can be said for Fairy Tail with people pairing him with characters like Flair Corona, High School DxD pairing him with characters like Yasaka, etc.

People also tend to mix up the characters without putting any thought into them. For example, in this you've chosen Houki, Cecilia, Charlotte, and Chifuyu. Houki and Charlotte I can understand, he and Houki would probably have some common grounds and Charlotte's just adorable, but Chifuyu really has very little personality and Cecilia. That's like pairing him up with Ino Yamanaka or Tsukiumi. I'd see him doing better with Ling and Tatenashi over anyone else, and probably Tabane if you omit the part about her being evil and having no sense of responsibility.

However I'd recommend Tabane and Tatenashi solely on the basis of their characters, because they're so three dimensional and unpredictable, it makes them interesting to watch. In reality, had IS been ALL about those two, NO harem, NO Ichika, I'm pretty sure Tabane and Tatenashi could have made the series themselves just because they're such fun characters. Although with Tatenashi, you'd probably need someone like Ichika for her to troll. My disappointment with IS was there WASN'T enough of these two. Like Tabane, you get to see her antics in two episodes and that's it leaving you feeling 'WTF?! Where'd she go?!', especially after that small scene of her kicking Phantom Task's ass while laughing like a child. I mean that was THE BEST part of the entire anime, and then after that it's like 'okay, no more Tabane'. Completely disappointing.
3/20 c7 ngughyendu09092006
too great
1/9 c7 manchester14161
oye cuando actualizas o ya abandonaste el fic
10/28/2020 c7 Zeppelinyolo
a wonderful story, and i hope you will keep updating, and i love your stories
10/14/2020 c7 Naruto Uzumaki
Please do the next one! I really admire you're work! It is afterall a piece of art! Hope to see more updates!
10/14/2020 c7 DallGod115
well still waiting for next chapter bro
10/1/2020 c7 Brian Gustavo Cruz Franco
Puedes seguir con el fanfic?
9/12/2020 c1 muhamad farhan
9/9/2020 c7 ghostFLIN
Buen capitulo man espero el proximo pronto
8/19/2020 c7 SixPatsGod
Please update soon
7/20/2020 c7 Nicketje02
7/14/2020 c7 Guest
6/18/2020 c1 Lechuzape
chifuyu, charlotte, tabane!
5/25/2020 c7 Dasgun
4/21/2020 c7 DainBramagedMoFo
None of this makes any sense. Why would a warrior as experienced as Naruto allow his girl in a hostage situation that he didn't immediately break apart? Why days after his attempted murder would he not out the suspicious girl dressed as a boy to his teacher woman? How the hell is that a good husband move with his sky high environment quotient? Why have his clones not traveled all across the world to destroy the five attempted murderers and all people giving orders involved in his girl getting hurt? If you say he has empathic powers to know gender bend girl isn't carrying evil intent then he had powers and capabilities to destroy the 5 hostage taking murderer scum. His people's goddess, sort of Kami, sent him on the extreme mission to prevent evil forces on IS Earth from starting a world devestation war. Naruto comes across here as weak with no decade and a half of experiences surviving against near impossible odds and 5 years of close quarters kill or be killed combat with odds of 10 or more against him. Maybe flashbacks can fix these glaring issues. Picking teenage girls to be partners sharing burdens of/with a very life over achieving minor god Naruto instead of the inventor of IS, Tabane with her sister Houki, accomplished IS pilot turned instructor Chifuyu, and another grown age girl to all mesh together good with goddess slayer husband Naruto is already dragging this fanfic down. Thanks, be well, stay safe, and God's speed get us beyond this virus time.
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