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9/16 c5 27Apailana
Hi! I found your work cause it is a recent WIP, and I read it because it sound like an interesting premise... and what can I say, it is an amazing and wonderfull developed fanfic. I am really glad I started reading it.

I like all the possibilities it offers and how you are writing the relationship between Bella, Jasper and Peter. Like someone already said in the reviews, I also hope for it to be a JasperxBellaxPeter poly fic, because the three of them are developing an amazing bond, it really breaks my heart the way Peter talks about a future of Jasper without him, and that is one of the things that annoys me about the Twilight canon, the way Jasper pulls all of himself aside in Alices benefit, but he is no longer the man he used to be, Peter and Char included... but I am ok if the fic ended in just a JasperxBella pairing, whatever you decide is more than fine.

I hope you update soon, because it is not only well written but interesting as hell.

Take care and read ya soon. Lots of love.
9/15 c5 57GeezerWench
Personally, I prefer a tougher more predatory Bella. And she has ample reason to be.

I’m liking this Bella a lot.

She shook Jasper and Peter down to their boots.

Nah. There’s no way Maria would allow any of her vampires to feed from animals anyway. Bella’s going to have to suck it up, so to speak.

She’ll need to be as strong as possible to make it through.

It'll be interesting to see if Peter and Jasper know the vampire that sent Bella back in time. Had they ever met him? If Maria had, he'd STILL be one of her soldiers.

It'll also be quite interesting to see what they talk about ... in their quiet moments.

Airplanes! Telephones! When there was one in every house. Then when almost every person had one.

Cars! Well, when cars became a thing lots of people had.

TV! OMG It'll blow their minds.

Looking forward to your next update!
9/15 c4 GeezerWench
You’d think Peter and Jasper would be more shocked at the print on her shirt. Not only what it says, but how the print got there. Maybe even how she came to be wearing it.

It seems like the leap they took to think “time traveler” was a bit abrupt.

Not that I’m bitching! Really enjoying the story!

I can sure see why Peter would wonder about his own future and why he might not have been with Jasper when Bella met Jasper.

Must be very trippy for them both.
9/15 c5 Spej
Absolutely love it, update again soon please!
9/12 c3 GeezerWench
Now that Bella is in danger, she’s wide awake and aware. Before, when she put herself in her zombie state, she had the luxury of doing that because she was safe. Or she thought she was.

She wanted to just cease to exist, but when her life was really in danger ...

Now here comes Peter!

I'm glad there wasn't any of that waiting around to changer her.
9/12 c2 GeezerWench
The ripples of Bella being sent back in time.

Without hardly trying, Victoria laid both Alice and Jasper.

But the other Cullens' memories will be changed, too.

What about Charlie and Renee? They did have a daughter.
9/12 c1 GeezerWench
Yeah, one little human won’t make much of a difference. Humans don’t live very long.

But, then again, one little human could make a huge difference. You just don’t know.

Sure. Victoria’s thought about it and seen that Bella was “loved” by the Cullens. But then they just left her. What kind of love is that? How much could Bella have meant to them if they just left her?

Seemingly, they don’t care about her, so her being the object of Victoria’s revenge won’t mean anything to them either.

I wonder ... if Bella should meet Carlos in the past, will he know who she is? Would he "recognize" someone he sent back?
9/11 c5 LenaM7926
such a good story! I love Jasper/Bella stories! Cant wait for more!
9/10 c5 Guest
Omg this is the story I have been wanting to read for ever, fabulous! You have roped me in and I can’t wait for more!
9/9 c5 emsoul
Amazing! Can’t wait to read more
9/8 c5 lovenightshade03
Love your work! I'm really looking forward to seeing how Jasper and Bella's relationship evolves, and how everything changes from the canon with this incorporation :3
I even wonder how it is going to work with Jasper and Alice "forgetting" about her and then remembering like we started seeing in chapter two!
So I wish you good luck with your writing and hope you can update soon! Thanks :)
9/8 c1 nightshade
Loved the first chapter!
Btw, here: "Then he will kill you. He will not be the man you know. Remember that, chiquita. LO IMPORTA", the last part is incorrect in Spanish, it should be only IMPORTA or ES IMPORTANTE.
9/8 c5 LoveOfMyLifeHALSEY
OMG just discovered this masterpiece in the making and REALLY can’t wait for you to update ! I love stories about time-travel but this is just genius
9/7 c5 Sal
Awesome can't wait to read more I just keep rereading it.
9/7 c5 4Danny-Shells
Really interesting so far! Looking forward to more! !
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