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7/24 c1 GoodVibezzz
rereading again cause this is amazing
7/24 c6 1XxFantasyFiascoxX
I keep rereading this story, I’m addicted! This is also my first ever review and as an avid lurker, this means serious business. I’m hoping and praying that you continue this story because I can’t get it out of my mind. This is an incredibly well written piece that has captivated me, and I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! I sincerely hope you and your family are well, and that you guys made it through the early pandemic without devastation. I look forward to a time when you decide to hopefully continue and or start a new Twilight piece. Your writing is truly inspired.
6/21 c6 alklucio
Just back for a re-read. I am totally enthralled with this storyline of yours, and am anxiously awaiting to see where you go with it. I hope all is well with you and that you are soon able to continue this story. I’m chomping at the bit to see what comes next!
6/19 c6 Rome4
there are never enough time travel stories, so I really really hope you will continue this story. I also love Jasper and Bella with a side helping of Peter and usually Char. I take what I can get. I do love when they are human feeding vampires and not veggies but I read it either way. hope you update soon.
6/16 c6 Guest
Love the dynamic between Peter and Bella!
Can’t wait for jasper and Bella:)
6/16 c6 binkleys23
I think Bella's gifts should that of a copy cat .
6/16 c6 binkleys23
keep up the great work and update more when you have the time to. can't wait to see what happens next. I hope Bella and Jasper are together in this one couse Jasper needs someone like bella
6/8 c5 JasperYuSexyBeast
I'm pretty sure this is the second time I've come across this story and have enjoyed it both times. I do sincerely hope that you decide to finish it soon. Also your AN in the first chapter about writing what you want to read reminded me of 3 fanfic stories I wrote about 6 years ago, one of Edwards abandoning Bella and two Bella and Jasper stories. I wrote them because I am pretty sure at that point in time I had either just started reading other fics about Jasper and Bella or I'd exhausted all the ones of substance and wanted more so I wrote my own. Anyway I went back and read them and I surprised myself at how good the stories actually we're and the fact that I enjoyed them so much. Not to toot my own horn or anything. The downside is I didn't finish any of them and I have no idea where I was going with the plots of the stories. I want to post them so bad so I can get others opinions on whether the stories are actually good or if I'm just biased of my own work. I don't know why I felt like mentioning that in my review but I feel like I had to let you know you've inspired me to try and get back into that mindset and actually finish the stories and post them because if I'm honest I had planned on posting them at some point but didn't for one reason or another. Anyway I do hope you see this review and come back to this story once you are feeling up to it. I love the concept and wondered if you were gonna go the History of the Forgotten route where Jasper starts gaining memories of his and Bella's time together while he is in the present until his memories catch up to present time but since there have been no time skips to the present or future as it is now I doubt that's the route you'll go. Either way I'll enjoy reading however this story plays out.

P.s I now know for a fact that I've already reviewed this story since it wouldn't let me post this comment on Ch.6 so I had to go back a page to post. One review per chapter sucks.
5/13 c1 honeywasitme
i can’t wait for the next chapter! i hope it doesn’t take too long, this story has become one of my absolute favorites
4/25 c6 godess bubbles
Ooo I can't wait to see what you do with the 7th chapter! Is Bella still going to have the same gift she did in the books/movies or do you pan on making it slightly different? I'm honestly just really looking forward to seeing how Bella's relationship with the Whitlock boys turn out. And I'm curious as to when Char is going to show up. Anyway, I really hope you come back to this fic soon!
4/12 c6 Guest
Pretty please tell me you will update this soon? Because it is amazing!
4/9 c6 Ravensa05
I love this story! I hope your COVID situation is better! And for an update too
4/6 c6 RizIsMe
I genuinely loved this so far! it's brilliant, I don't normally leave comments but this really deserved one. I wish you and your family good health <3
2/6 c6 Lil-Minty625
I love what you are doing so far. You write amazingly well, I've never had to think over how things are connected as it reads very well. As opposed to some other time travel stories where it was choppy and hard to follow. I cant wait for you to update, first and foremost I wish you and your family well. Family and health come first, we'll be here when yall get better.
2/4 c6 LapisLazuliRose
Wow I know its been like 1.5 years, but I love this story! It is so well written! I hope you and your family are still safe.
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