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for The Cinnamon Strawberry

12/13/2021 c1 XLR8wuzhere
This is interesting and all, but…why the hell is it short and also *anime tears streams down on my face* why aren’t you continuing this story?!
3/25/2020 c1 48Pink ranger 13
It’s a great story and please continue the story
11/23/2019 c1 PEJP BengtZone V2
Did Ichigo end up being soul-bound to Izuku while Inko was still pregnant with the latter?
9/17/2019 c1 naomi watson
YOOO now i cant stop seeing a hollowfied deku vs all for one :O
8/23/2019 c1 27Shadow-DJ
One suggestion I have is that maybe he meets Nana and convinces All Might to get to Mirio the One for All thing...but keep him as a mentor if any of Ichigo's other powers get in.
8/19/2019 c1 Karlos1234ify
This is interesting

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