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10/20 c10 Guest
What? You can't just stop without a ryan/Cohen reunion! Please update asap!
10/9 c10 10matthewsbj
I was so relieved to hear that everything is getting resolved, and Ryan is getting to go home! Also, glad to hear justice was served with Stankey, and Ryan won't ever have to deal with him again! Hopefully, at least!

I liked the short interchange between Seth and his parents about his "clean clutter". That was very Seth-like! :D

Really looking forward to the next chapter and Ryan's homecoming! I can only imagine the party Kirsten will want to throw! And definitely time for some Seth/Ryan time!
9/26 c9 Guest
Update soon please!
8/30 c9 Guest
Update soon please! Love this story
8/29 c9 Guest
great chapter! Please please update asap!
8/24 c9 matthewsbj
So glad to see that Sheriff Hicks is still in Ryan's corner!

I am a little surprised that they didn't see the pants that were torn up and even bloodied a little bit when they found the pictures. I'm sure those could have been taken as evidence, unless you are planning for those to make an appearance later.

Not doubt that after this whole ordeal with Sandy being so vigilant and protective of him, that he will come to believe all that they are telling him and giving him. It already looks like he is, as he battles his inner demons in the jail cell.

Looking forward to the next chapter, and seeing what Hicks finds out from the photos!
8/19 c9 Guest
this is great
8/5 c8 146Linneagb
So brave of Ryan to tell the truth. But what will this lead to? I guess no one really knows. Me the least. Please update soon.
8/5 c7 Linneagb
It's quite cool that they can just see everything recorded like that and try to put the pieces together. I hope they can get something out of it and that Ryan, and the Cohen's will continue safely and free. I'm sorry this took me a while to read.
7/19 c8 Guest
Thank you for updating. This story gets better with each chapter. Please keep writing
7/16 c8 Guest
you can't just stop there! Please please please update! I need a happy ending already! But not actually an ending to the story, feel free to let it go on forever :-) I just need Ryan home and reunited with the family! And some Kirsten/Ryan bonding of course!
7/15 c8 10matthewsbj
I REALLY like the end of this chapter! Probably the first time that anyone has stood up for Ryan. Since he's only known the Cohen's for a couple of weeks (I think that's the time frame for this story; I can't really remember from the prequel), so it isn't all that surprising that Ryan would think Sandy would be back home with his family. I can only imagine the shock he felt to realize that Sandy was actively working with the Sheriff to figure this out, and that he was there and wanted to be with him.

I can't wait to see Kirsten's reaction when she hears what has happened! I wonder if we'll see another appearance of The Kirsten on Ryan's behalf.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
6/17 c7 151Ally R. Swan
I hope they can convince ryan to admit what happened. Glad they are figuring things out. Though I have a feeling this still might take a while before Ryan gets out. Update soon
6/15 c7 Guest
Please update soon. I love this story
6/14 c7 Guest
they're making progress! Update fast! I need Ryan out of jail! Love this story!
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