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9/5 c3 24Temple Cloud
'Let me wallow in this for a bit,' 'Mischief isn't medicine. It's a Band-Aid at best.' John in your version at least has a bit more self-knowledge than his original, if not more actual sense in any other respect. Don John is surely the dimmest villain in Shakespeare: a would-be Iago who is so unimaginative that he has to rely on his henchmen to tell him what to do, and so unsubtle that it's a wonder that anyone ever believes him, about anything. I'll look forward to seeing where the story goes from here - whether it's straight Much Ado About Nothing in a modern setting, or whether it has some more twists and turns.

Talking of modern reworkings of Shakespeare, I'd recommend The New Guy by tricksterlovegodling on Archive Of Our Own: archiveofourown works/23264518/chapters/55711681

This is a modern AU of Twelfth Night mixed with A Midsummer Night's Dream in which Viola Cesario (who in this version identifies as non-binary, and prefers to be known just as Cesario) is a language tutor who lives in a shared house with friends who assume them to be one of the guys. Cesario is torn between being in love with their housemate Orsino (who is in love with Cesario's pupil Olivia, but also has a former relationship with Titania, the Twerk Queen, and remains good friends with her), and dating Feste (who also identifies as non-binary, is friends with unsuccessful actor Nick Bottom, and is cheating on Cesario with Oberon). They live on a rough estate with is ruled by dangerous gangster and drug dealer Toby and his girlfriend Maria, whom unpopular policeman Lieutenant Malvolio is trying to bring to justice.
9/5 c2 Temple Cloud
Okay, so Peter in this version is gay - fair enough. (In the play, I tend to think of him more as a frustrated heterosexual who tends to fall for women who are either aren't attracted to him, or aren't attracted to the high-profile, prestige-and-plots life that would go with being the wife of the Prince of Aragon, but there's no reason he can't be gay in this story. Just pair him with someone he can be happy with, okay? Please? He's been waiting four hundred years for a happy ending, after all.)
9/5 c1 Temple Cloud
I like the way you manage to keep so much of Shakespeare's dialogue while translating it into modern idiom. Your characterisation of Peter isn't quite how I'd imagined him (i.e. not like Denzel Washington as a noble Prince of Aragon in the Kenneth Branagh film I fell in love with as a teenager), but it does explain why he's still single. Hopefully his chance will come eventually.

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