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for Markapoo Week 2019

8/22/2019 c2 Fanfic Critic
You keep saying that this is a "markapoo" fanfic. But I think you don't understand what that means. This is a harem sex fantasy and Marco isn't Marco in this story. It's basically you. You wrote a self-insert masturbatory fantasy featuring Hekapoo and Jackie. That's really pathetic and sad.

This is one of the worst fanfics on this site.
8/23/2019 c2 shanethekewldude
The one thing I have to criticize about this story is that this isn’t markapoo rather this markapoo and mackie fiction
Keep up the good work
8/22/2019 c2 117nautiscarader
Hm, things are getting... weird indeed, I'm with Maria. Cute scene, though I'd love to read how Maria can see her family in the same light as Rioky does. Maybe we'll see that in that 7k part you mentioned.

Also, I'm not sure if "knight gown" is a typo... because even if it is, then I don't think you should correct it. Knight gown would be definitely something she'd wear.
8/22/2019 c1 1JzanderN
It's a simple story, not really meant to do much more than have Marco marry Jackie and Hekapoo for the people who ship them.

It's decent, but not really meant to be more than good anyway. And "Fanfic Critic" can go fuck himself for giving such an adverse "criticism" of a story that doesn't deserve it.
8/20/2019 c1 Smiling Lemon
Yes more Markapoo shipping I love it!
8/20/2019 c1 Fanfic Critic
What a retarded fanfic. I don't usually say that but damn was this fanfic retarded. Are you incapable of writing Markapoo fanfics or do you simply write all your fanfics as harems? I lost brain cells just reading this.

No one is interested in reading your stupid threesome sex fantasies, except for horny 12 year olds. I guess you belong in that demographic.

Delete this fanfic along with your account.
8/21/2019 c1 28Or-lan-do626
Poor Marco they going to plow him into the ground
8/19/2019 c1 117nautiscarader
Nice, definitely looking forward to more of these chapters! Loved the ending bit.

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