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for A Simple Thing

8/27/2019 c1 8SqueezyLemon
Take all my uwu's!
This was an adorable read. I loved how you dept into their feelings and thoughts. I also love this family structure you made for this ship, it something I haven't had seen much, which feels like fresh air..
I honestly would like to know, the background you have for Koki with Ayla :>
8/23/2019 c1 guenter.weisswurst
I love it ️
8/20/2019 c1 12Stegosaurus1412
Ohh! I remember those stories! I thought the name Ayla rang a few bells.. welcome back.. ;)
This is a very interesting and very well written piece. And good WK stories are very hard to come by these days. It really digs into the psychology of the characters while keeping them in character. And despite being polar opposites, Martin and Koki are really sweet together, and Ayla’s a very lucky girl to have them both..

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