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5/20 c17 mike3455
I love how Robb is almost annoyingly supportive of Jon while still thinking him as a bastard. Its great and all that people who know the secret are working to help Jon, but Robb is the only one that truly wants Jon to be given honors for who he is.
5/18 c37 1Venku-Skirata
I would love to see everyone reaction for the North claiming for Jon, especially Tywin and Olenna. It would be amusing to see all these people look at the North and come to the conclusin of "Oh, fuck. Eddard Stark can actually play the game!"
4/30 c37 Darren behan
Please write more
4/23 c37 J
Why the heck would the Redwyne's betray the Tyrell's? They are close kin through Olenna who was born a Redwyne, AND Lord Paxter Redwyne's wife is a Tyrell!
4/21 c37 Guest
Bet you any money kevan will have many more things to be upset about with tywin in the future. Tywin is by default a abrasive and arrogant prick after all. That and when kevan realizes the north has honest to god dragons and the most legit claimant for the iron throne to date with said dragons and previously lost swords to back that claim up he's likely going to rethink a few things about how tywin handles stuff.

He would be completely brain dead not too which he obviously isn't in canon. But in the end it all hinges on if tywin will be his usual stubborn arrogant self and refuse to even think about supporting jons claim despite the westeros equivalent to nuclear bomb dropping fighter jets facing him and his family down. Which he wont for obvious reasons since joffery is alive. This should be interesting
4/23 c27 3Foxy-Floof
Oh right, I actually forgot all about Brynden syphoning magic from Jon to Danaerys.
4/20 c37 Guest
Thank you so much for the update
4/22 c17 Foxy-Floof
ahahahahahah... Aemon is back on the board! Hell yeah!
4/21 c37 Immaterium
I love Arya's attitude :-)
Lannisters - well it would seem that Robert is already f*ck*d.
I do wonder how they will react to three dragons ... :-D
4/20 c37 rowenagriffin
Reread because it's not enough to just read this amazing story once
4/18 c1 Guest
I am definitely reading the Stranger's lines in Pitch Black's voice. Fight me.
4/20 c14 Luna of Gaia
what are they eating if there is neither barley nor rye? the only other coldresitant grain i know is oats.
4/19 c37 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
Amazing chapter man
4/17 c37 JettShay
Great chapter! I'm glad to see both of your stories updated!
4/17 c37 myafroatemydog
Prrtty good chao
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