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for That Look In His Eyes

5/11/2020 c1 1Ivy-Angie
¡Me ha encantado tanto!
Has hecho tan auténticos a Ginny y a Harry que de verdad podría imaginar que así fue el nacimiento de James Sirius. También me gustaron mucho Rose y Pat, muy linda tu historia :)
10/9/2019 c1 24Tonirae
I want to cry. So very sweet, so very intense.
8/21/2019 c1 lojosmom
I loved this. It was probably the most realistic birth scene that I have read on FF. I love how the baby proved he was a mini Marauder in his first hour of life!
8/21/2019 c1 scrappy8
great job
8/21/2019 c1 maits18
Ginny you know that you have just name your son after the 2 notorious pranksters in wizarding history who just happens to be your husband’s father and godfather. If I were Minerva I would retire as Headmistress before James Sirius enters Hogwarts.

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