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11/20 c20 Guest
Dude, are you alright? It's been two months since you last updated and since you told us you caught the virus once I'm worried about you. It doesn't matter if you don't update the story yet but at least let us know how are you doing.
11/22 c20 Awesome222
I freaking love this story
11/19 c4 Zandetsu
daddy kratos is a tsun
11/20 c7 9marsolino
I’m re reading this story... absolutely the best of two worlds
11/16 c20 FearedReader
Love this story. Just re read it. I think it would be cool to have Atreus or Freya or both come to Skyrim. But that is just a fanciful wish.
11/5 c5 Jeferson Arthur
I hope that Kratos still has at least the blades of chaos, the lore says that they will follow him wherever he goes
11/2 c20 Ezezee
I'm loving this story, I hope to see more, it is well balanced and entertaining,
One thing I am curious about is how quickly or slowly does time pass in Nirn compared to Midgard
11/2 c19 Ezezee
Trophy earned:
Hello old friend
11/1 c11 Ezezee
It's too bad that the game doesn't do more with the title of Thane, having lands and being able to administer them as you wish could've been a fun side activity to help link you to all the major Holds, and having your own small army could've made a plausible difference to whichever side you joined in the Civil War, glad to see that touched on here
11/1 c9 Ezezee
Funny how none of them even realize the impact Kratos is having by just being there and being himself
10/29 c20 theangrychef
Just found this and couldn't put it down till I finished it. Cant wait for an update.
10/25 c20 4WisdomOfCelestials
Apart from a few misconceptions of TES lore, this story is surprisingly well written. Kratos for all his strength would get cucked by someone like Pelinal, taking on a Daedric Prince is far beyond his capabilities, the Daedric Prince IS their plane of Oblivion, which is easily the size of an universe. While their avatars on Nirn can be beaten, eveidenced by Mehrunes Dagon in Oblivion, they are completely and incomprehensibly powerful in their own planes, easily Cthulhu Mythos level
10/24 c12 ValentineNior
That was the most realistic, amazing, badass, and plain and simple greatest interaction you could have done during Kratos interaction with a daedra and Lydia
10/14 c20 Guest
I like the cut of ya job, g. However, you can't really aim an uppercut at the Solar Plexus. A straight or a variation of one, you could. But not with a hook or an uppercut
10/11 c20 1Onix121
Ha underestimating a woman...hah you had it coming for you
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