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for Divine of War

4/28 c21 Anzheema
I absolutely love this Story, great Characters you build there. Desperately hope to read more of your work.
4/26 c21 Amargi'sNodachi
Amazing story
4/26 c15 Amargi'sNodachi
Dark Brotherhood fucked
4/26 c3 Amargi'sNodachi
So I guess the Dragonborn is dead?
4/25 c21 Damobea
I require more. I just reread and the ending makes me want all the more. Well done in the ways you are detailing his rise.
4/19 c21 1Alasiir The Ranger
I demand an immediate update to this intriguingly amazing story my talented author!
4/17 c21 1hogan24
please more
4/14 c21 FrozenForest
Great Crossover Choice. I enjoy the Story very much so far. Especially the Charakter development and City Building aspect
4/12 c21 Areliae
I'm not really one for in depth reviews. Let me just say that I think you have captured every character fantastically well. I feel confident I could identify whoever is speaking even if I just read the dialogue itself. Everyone has their own life and energy, and makes for a very engaging read.

I also think you have an aptitude for writing action sequences. Putting us into the characters heads, making us feel what they feel in a way most writers don't. High quality work.

I First saw this story a few months ago. I decided to check it out again, but instead of just reading the new chapter, I started over from the beginning. It was that enjoyable.

Life gets in the way, so take your time. Just know there are people out here looking forward to your next update.
4/7 c21 6ColdFang
This has been one heck of an amazing read and I really enjoyed all of the detailed build-up and character arcs. Can't wait to see what happens next!
4/7 c1 BloodyOracle
I love it. The book is amazing.
3/31 c21 2spradleythomas41
Hey, I would like to ask if you would be willing to write a characters react story to this.
3/31 c20 Batcard
That fight was both quick and brutal just like it should be. Great chapter!
3/30 c5 Batcard
I find it interesting how well Kratos fits into this world. Great stuff!
3/28 c21 Guest
An amazing story
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