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for Darkness Before Dawn

1/7 c9 burt1669
Glad to see your still updating! I won’t read quite yet I will wait until you’re done:)
9/6/2020 c1 47ocfairygodmother
Confession: I know nothing about Until Dawn except the basic premise (even that I'm somewhat iffy haha) ANYWAY, I thought you did a wonderful job writing this! As someone who knows nothing, I was easily able to follow along and understand what was happening. I really enjoyed Cleo (I'm assuming she's the OC? haha) I really enjoyed how well her relationship with Matt comes off in the story. I think you write Matt really well, still dealing with the trauma. THanks for taking the time to write this and share it with us! You did a fantastic job! Kudos.
8/22/2020 c8 4bob the kraken
I was just wondering the other day if I was going to see another chapter soon haha. Gotta say, I'm loving how Emily is portrayed. Poor Cleo, I hope she's okay, but more importantly, survives. Also I am CONCERNED about what Josh is up to AND WHERE IS ASHLEY?
5/20/2020 c7 3Foxesandmagic
I adore your characterisation of Josh in this. The writing is great; also, the idea of Chris and Ash having a bar is really cool. Also, no! That cliffhanger, my gosh!

I still love Cleo and Matt's relationship; it's so sweet. Also, that ending! I was so drawn in I didn't expect it to end, but also that was an incredible ending. Thanks for sharing it with us.
5/18/2020 c6 4bob the kraken
Just binge read this whole thing. You did a great job presenting everyone's trauma and lives continuing on as well as how they felt looking back. Really loving how you're tying everything in together and I am really excited to see where this goes! Also I am super curious to see what your plans for Joshingo is!
4/16/2020 c6 3Foxesandmagic
Another wonderful chapter. I loved the emotion that you put into this chapter, and the friendship that you showed between them as well. Thanks for sharing it with us :)
1/30/2020 c5 Foxesandmagic
Okay, that ending though! I'm intersted to see where you take this next. But sorry, yes, it was a wonderful chapter - I do love the relationship you show between all the characters as well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
12/12/2019 c4 burt1669
Great chapter can’t wait till the next
12/7/2019 c4 Foxesandmagic
I love this chapter. It's interesting to see the point of view of the detective, and I'm excited to see what else you have in store for us. Thanks for sharing it!
10/26/2019 c3 Foxesandmagic
Okay, first off I'm sorry it took me so long to read this but my gosh! You've opened up a lot of questions with this chapter. I loved the way you added the memory in there, and the relationship between Matt and Cleo is wonderful - also, her on the phone, now I'm worried. And yes, that ending! Didn't see that coming. But yes, a brilliant chapter and thanks for sharing it with us.
10/16/2019 c2 burt1669
Catching up to your updates loving it so far I hope you don’t abandon it cause I will keep up to date
9/30/2019 c1 burt1669
Hello haven’t read the chapter yet I’m curious if you will finish this story. PM if you will and I’ll read it as you write it:)
8/26/2019 c1 Foxesandmagic
I loved this opening chapter! Cleo is wonderful and the relationship you show between her and Matt is incredible to see. I'm excited - and a tiny bit nervous - to see where else you take this, and how you develop the characters as time goes on. Thanks for sharing!

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