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for Arrowverse Corrections: Arrow Edition

7/16/2020 c7 Guest
Season 5 finale correction: Oliver stops Adrian from killing himself instead of standing around like an idiot.

Season 6 premiere correction: Instead of taking his own chances during the flashback, Slade directs everyone to the bunker where he was imprisoned; deducing that it would be bomb-proof. He would also persuade Samantha not to try to find William on her own and thus prevents her tragic and unnecessary death.
9/3/2019 c5 LycoXTheTempGues
This and chapter 4 were pretty good additions and I did do the one where he kills her. What he does in this chapter is definitely appropriately handled. Not to mention serving as a reminder to be more respectful towards others.
8/22/2019 c3 9024multiverse
great corrections one shots Your doing i got a few ideas if you want.

1. have Oliver defeat and mock Diaz conceding how ridiculous how Diaz was able to fight on par and nearly defeat Oliver when Oliver has defeated worst then him and also Diaz combat skills from what i found out there are no background on his combat skills.

2. also have something to do with Diaz have Oliver get help from the legends the flash or Supergirl or whatever instead of the FBI deal to stop Diaz.
8/21/2019 c3 13Naitch03
Okay, I have to respond to this one...

Despite what ended up happening, I actually think that Thea was completely justified in leaving with Malcolm. And I'll explain why.

Oliver lied to her repeatedly over the course of two years. And while he did it to protect her, all she knows is that he lied about who her father was, and he lied about Slade Wilson. And in her mind, I'm willing to bet she put the full blame of Moira's death on Oliver, because if he had warned them about him, they could have taken precautions.

As for Roy, he was the one person that WASN'T lying to her- and then she found out he was working with the vigilante, and that he had lied about not working with them. So after everything else she went through, that became the straw that broke the camel's back.

As for Malcolm- I think she knows intellectually that he's a monster and a murderer. But he also saved her life at the train station, and he was completely honest with her. And she probably figured that she could use him to become stronger so that she wouldn't be a victim anymore. After all, she was kidnapped three separate times during the course of Season 2.

If you want to write a fix, then what you should do is write a fix for Season 3. It was the most obvious thing that the big bads of Season 3 should have been Malcolm and Thea, and maybe the League is brought in for a minor role, building up to them being the big bads for Season 4. Instead they fridged Sara, sidelined Thea, and totally screwed the pooch with the story.
8/21/2019 c3 LycoXTheTempGues
This chapter is perhaps my favorite so far due to Thea actually being smart about things.

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