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7/4 c17 114PenguinofProse
There are a lot of things I adore about this story so excuse me while I rave about them!

Love love love the opening scene!

I love the bit where Miller arrives in med bay and they're both smiling and falling over themselves. This is the purest fluff and just what I needed today!

The bit where Miller just can't play it cool! Great stuff!

A few elbows in the wrong place! Love it!

Love that bit where Miller is talking about all their different loyalties and even his respectful relationship with Indra? So unexpected and so perfect!

This is just awesome. Love it so much. Without doubt the best thing I have ever betaed. I mean, I know I have a "The Other Side" bias but this is brilliant. You know, I didn't used to care for Mackson very much before we got talking. You've well and truly converted me!
4/7 c14 PenguinofProse
Have I mentioned yet that I love this?! That line where Bellamy says he can't talk about Clarke today gets me every time, so much emotion. And I always love a good bit of Miller and Bellamy friendship. Thank you for sharing this!
3/19 c13 PenguinofProse
I know I've already told you this, but I feel like it deserves to be in a review where the whole world can see it!

This chapter is brilliant, and I enjoyed reading it so much. The second person pov really adds an immediacy and intimacy to it, and it's great to see you mixing it up and trying new things in your writing. I love the flow and rhythm of this, and things like the "you need to look calm and placid - you need to be calm and placid" make this beautiful and poetic. And of course, most of all, I love the characterisation you always get so right with these two, and the insight into what's going on inside stoic Jackson's head!
12/7/2019 c12 PenguinofProse
I'm so pleased you're writing these two! Your characterisation is great. And you may have already guessed, but I liked this chapter!
11/15/2019 c4 PenguinofProse
You write really well and these two are so perfect!
11/15/2019 c1 PenguinofProse
This is so sweet and also sad. You've stayed true to the characters, too, and it's really convincing. Thanks for writing!

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