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for The Incredibles: Second Chances

5/16 c17 Incrediblesfan1
Hey, UltimateDisneyInfinityFan. It's Incrediblesfan1 again. I've got a new request for one of your next chapters in this story: Evelyn already set up Winston on a date with Savannah, and her brother couldn't be happier thanks to her. So what if Violet and Dash were to convince her to go on a date herself? Maybe she'll be up to the challenge. Hopefully you take this request into mind. Please update!
4/28 c17 skykill3ers
Great chapter! When are you going to continue Dash Rising? Just asking.
11/5/2019 c15 31AlphaGodzilla19
10/22/2019 c14 AlphaGodzilla19
Use the song, Easier to Run.
10/21/2019 c12 AlphaGodzilla19
Could you add the Para Para Brothers from DBGT?
10/11/2019 c8 AlphaGodzilla19
How about Godzilla helps the Incredibles fight Underminer?
10/10/2019 c8 11Jokermask18
9/18/2019 c4 Jokermask18
8/27/2019 c2 Incrediblesfan1
What a great story. It's nice to see that Evelyn and Winston are now part of the Incredibles family. So, with that being in mind, do I have a request for one of your next chapters: Evelyn notices Winston feeling down about not being married or having a girlfriend, so she decides to continue her path to redemption by helping her brother find a date for himself. Hopefully you take this request into mind.

8/25/2019 c2 12TheVoidHunter250
Nice job. My request is that Violet, Evelyn, and Karen enter a talemt contest. The prize is a gold trophy and tickets to a cruise to the Aruba Island. they performed a hopper ball dance, but Violet's rival, Sarah and her friends will win the prize. Evelyn comforts Violet and they will win the contest.
8/23/2019 c2 11Jokermask18
Very nice start:}
8/23/2019 c2 skykill3ers
This is a good story man keep it up! Also I have a another idea for a story u could make when ur done with this one. U should do a story about Violet and how she wants to be more aggressive whenever she battles because all she does is force fields and invisibility. Until when she walks to the park to find something glowing in a bush and when she takes a look at it and found out it was a synthetic serum which can increase a super's ability and attacks. And she kept thinking about it for a long time until she just grabbed the serum and injects it inside her only her eyes turn green and fall unconscious and then a few minutes later she wakes up and feels different and she felt more stronger. Whenever Violet goes to battle with crooks and villians she easily takes them out. But then the next day, Violet's attitude and everything changed. Whenever she was angry and full of rage she would go insane. Soon the serum starts taking control of her causing her to do bad things and the family would try to break her out of the serums control and Violet would apologize but the family would tell her that it was the serum would take control over and her. And eventually the family would tell her that she is a strong girl and they believe in her. Then Violet kept those words of confidence in her head and uses them as an influence to stay strong and then BOOM! The story ends there! What do u think?

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