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3/11/2022 c18 12excessivelyperky
Who needs plot? I really enjoyed this chapter very, very much! Especially the feather grooming bits-those were exceptionally well done.

Big Bird, snort! Doesn't he know that's a compliment?
1/29/2022 c17 excessivelyperky
Whee! (alas those old movies catch up with a person, don't they?).

But Lucifer made up for that teasing, I should think.

1/20/2022 c16 excessivelyperky
Yes, Chloe would like to sit down and think a little after the bit with the crown. She's beginning to gain some new abilities, too.

And now she's more or less equal with Lucifer here, well, hey, the timing just feels right.
1/5/2022 c15 excessivelyperky
Well, she stood her ground and the dragon respected that. Chloe is secure in her identity, and a homicide detective is familiar with both life and death.

Hell needs her, when you think about it, not just Lucifer.
12/23/2021 c14 excessivelyperky
What happens if people try to break the loop? Surely there are people in Hell by now who have seen Groundhog Day and decide to throw some sand into the gears. And we met one guy who *did* break the loop by going to see his family instead of passing them by outside.

Hell seems to like Chloe, though-at least the ash doesn't seem to stick on her and she can brush it off Lucifer.
12/17/2021 c13 excessivelyperky
I'm sure Ella has picked up some High Valyrian by now along with the Klingon, some people are just good with languages.

And I'm sure Chloe has dealt with old, grumpy men before (some of her fellow cops were that, I expect!).

I think she'll do just fine having a chat with Hell.
12/11/2021 c12 excessivelyperky
A nice, contemplative catching up on things chapter. Sad that there's no sense of taste in Hell, no wonder Lucifer went nuts when he had the chance.

And yes, Charlie would have been taken if he'd shown wings.

So, what did you think of the actual series finale?
11/14/2021 c10 excessivelyperky
Yes, I thought I remembered who Rae Rae was; the one who wanted a human friend and not just another collectible. I like her.

I can well imagine how the *right* kind of wing grooming could lead on to other things, though.
11/12/2021 c9 excessivelyperky
Of course Trixie would still be friends with Maze-who else would read her Peter Rabbit The Way It Really Happened when she was a small child?

And it's good the perps are caught. I'm sure Dan will make sure they receive a proper welcome!

I bet Lucifer sends her a sign, a Twitter feed, and possibly a few pics on Instagram, snicker.
10/16/2021 c6 excessivelyperky
Oh, yes, things are still happening on Earth while Chloe and Lucifer watch The Princess Bride.

I'm glad they called Dan, though-it should be him who breaks the new to Trixie.
10/12/2021 c5 excessivelyperky
Well, Lucifer put some serious thought into her quarters-that's some nice stuff, and not all Frederick's of Hellywood. I wouldn't mind seeing my waistline back in shape again, though dying seems like an extremely drastic method of dealing with it.

Eternity's going to be interesting, and one of the big adjustments Chloe will have to make daybook, no texting with emergencies, or appointments. She may try to impose some structure on her time, because she's so used to it. I just bet she did that on vacations, too.

Eternity. That's *really* going to be interesting.

(but seriously, no books? Runs screaming into the night...)
10/8/2021 c4 excessivelyperky
Seriously, no coffee in the afterlife? Afterlife, we need to *talk*.

But the bit about the dusty piano got to me, too.
10/5/2021 c3 excessivelyperky
I love this chapter, too.

Of course, whenever the wife comes to a new house, what's the first thing that happens?

Renovation! Those poor demons won't know what hit them.
9/30/2021 c2 excessivelyperky
I love this! I almost wish they'd had a show like this, but I can enjoy your version all I want.
9/29/2021 c1 excessivelyperky
Oh, yes, this is a great AU; season five was very good, and I think they used up most of their material there because they thought they would be canceled. Season six is kind of a mess if you ask me, and I hope they're going for the ending I want (I suspect Lucifer doesn't want the Throne of Silver City and will somehow stick Amandiel with it, who would actually be good at it).


But this is a very good chapter right here.
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