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5/22 c157 Tetradical
5/19 c157 hawkswench
Did they ever say the Fat Lady's name in the movies?
5/19 c157 The Scorpio Lady Enchantress
It's amazing if a little long and drawn out I'm waiting for romance I'll have to wait awhile I think but it'll be worth it looking forward to more of this
5/16 c157 12Village-Mystic
Glad to read more of this story.
5/16 c157 siobhan.22
Good chapter
5/13 c157 Rainbow2007
love it
5/13 c157 1buterflypuss
good chap
5/13 c157 whiteoaks
This story is refreshing in it's portrayal of an intelligent Harry, reasoning before jumping. It continues to delight.
5/13 c157 15stevem1
Nice update. This Harry seems less inclined to rush off to save the day.
5/9 c156 VeronicaD13
Omg I absolutely love this story! It took me forever to read it sll the way through and it was sooo WORTH it! Even if there's another 500 chapters to get us all through Harry's Hogwarts life and then to the US I'm HERE fo it!

I hope no one forces Harry to go after Ginny. I mean I'm super curious what would happen if Ron and Lockhart were the only 2 who went into the chamber. I mean at this point Harry knows Lockhart's not worth anything and Ron's an idiot. Harry could better spend his time trying out the restricted section to see how to remove tracking charms. Or maybe now is a good time to ask Flitwick.

Either way can't wait for more!
5/5 c156 Silver Ame Tsuki
Can't wait to read more!
4/18 c156 Tetradical
4/16 c156 siobhan.22
Great chapter
4/2 c156 Anglocelt
I love the way you are mixing up Batman and Superman. it makes for a delightful twist of humour at the end of every chapter.
4/1 c156 EntOfLife
thank you for the lovely update
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