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5h c71 10Nanchih
Interesting thought about Neville and Ron. In a way, each can be considered to be using 'fake' wands, not matched to them and thus harder to use.
9h c108 1buterflypuss
good chap
10h c108 Veronica McClure
As far neighbors not wanting to report suspected child neglect, it's that old "Bugaboo" of not wanting to poke their noses where they think they don't belong, or not wanting to be the "Tattletale", orNosy Neighborthat'll do it every time.
11h c108 12Village-Mystic
Wow. Sorry that Harry isn't getting this letter.
14h c108 Rainbow2007
love it..
15h c108 22Silver Ame Tsukino
I wonder how Dobby intercepted that letter. It’s likely not email otherwise it wouldn’t have worked. Can’t wait to read more!
15h c108 James Birdsong
Cool of course
16h c108 3charm13insomnia
nice chapter
Take care of your self
18h c108 6lilly-flower15
Great chapter update soon
5/6 c1 Dirtyreeds
Gonna start the journey and read this!
5/2 c107 siobhan.22
Great story so far.
4/26 c107 3JlovesGaara
I love this story so much. The tension is building, plans are being made...I want them to see each other in person again so bad!
4/18 c107 A
Quite an Interesting read. Thank you. I am looking forward to the next installment. :)
4/14 c107 9leahk80
Nicely done
4/12 c107 5sonnetStar
I’ve just spent the last week binge-reading through this story and I’m liking it so much!
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