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5/24 c168 lesa.blazer
Please continue soon
4/8 c168 Jostanos
RD, you do not disappoint, my friend, and you never cease to amaze me. Thank you!

May Harry be able to leave for North America or mainland Europe and away from White Bee and the Weasleys?

May Harry be able to got to that school that he has mentioned several times? or was that a ruse incase the letters were intercepted?

May Harry and Spencer reunite? If so when?

The answers to these questions and more when "More Than Penpals" continues!

Stay tuned! *warm grin*
3/27 c168 DPinAK
Enjoying your story. Hope to see sn update soon.
3/1 c168 jv26es
I really love this story. I hope you update it soon
3/1 c84 ScarletRainbow1
I've only gotten as far as chapter 84, but I have a thought I've been think of since the last story I read. Dumbledore was diagnosed as senile by the end of that story.

What if...if Dumbledore is the one erasing memories here, would overly-excessive use of the charm have a detrimental effect on the caster? What if it made Dumbledore senile, or insane, because of his abusive use of that charm?
1/29 c168 her-my-own
I really hope Harry finally manages to leave.
1/28 c168 farwalker
I’m Really hoping for one more chapter where Harry actually gets away. Even if its just a summary epilogue.
1/25 c168 Tenchi
I love this story and I think it is amazing that you write 168 chapters in four years. I be happy to review it again on archive of your own website. I want him get in Nezcalizcali naualotl Tlateotokani Toltekayomeh school. I think that magical people think Sirius black killed harry. His fake friends think muggle school and Neville well not sure be his feelings on what happens. I for one like Dumbledore to pay for his crimes that long list all evil he did. It be one year after your last update in may the fifth of your amazing story bring so much happiness to read. So I wish that find it in heart do another chapter soon as you can make time do it. I hope my review makes you happy. Think you.
1/19 c168 Gryffindorforever4242
Love it
1/11 c163 redeyehawk23
I'm losing my mind with how slow this is and how nothing really changed that much.
1/5 c168 2Bad Wolf Jen
hopefully you can continue this story soon. I've really enjoyed reading it
12/8/2023 c168 shunshu
I liked
11/17/2023 c168 Kiuby Uzumaki
WOW great story love it so much can't wait for the next chapter
9/19/2023 c166 potter fan
Vernon you should be careful how deal with child that you turn into a slave who had brains to put you in place that puts fear into you but when came out to having brains dealing with matters like this. Harry ready for freedom and I for one hope he gets it. That school not safe. I love your story just to bad that almost 5 months after last chapter. I wish you luck in writing more of it. Hope my review makes you smile.
9/6/2023 c168 Incognito Girl 3
I'm so glad to see the Weasleys are still going to Egypt! Means Serious is DEFINITELY still escaping! I'm so curious to see how that's going to go down!
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