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8/16/2023 c168 SunPho3n1x
This has been a great story! A very unique plot. I love the friendship between Harry and Spencer. Thank you for writing this.
8/2/2023 c168 Guest
Hugely interested in your direction of this story- will it continue aligning with canon or will HP make it out?!

I love how you’ve been writing the relationship between these two friends and the age you chose for them to meet at.

I’ve never thought about these formative years for Spencer and all the schooling he did before he figured out his desire for criminology. I’m excited to see that thought process develop and turn into reality!
7/7/2023 c146 6YokoT
Didn’t you write about flushing potion and finite spell when Harry was in school in Ireland?
7/6/2023 c167 rigger42
You know I wonder how Justin explains not going to Eton. People in that social group tends to socialize and know each other, don't they? So if he doesn't show up there it's going to be noticed and people are going to ask him where the heck he's going to school. There are only a few top tier public schools right? But it's canon so I don't get that JKR wouldn't account for that...?
5/28/2023 c168 25stevem1
Enjoying the last few chapters. Looking forward to more.
5/23/2023 c168 Guest
Love this story can’t wait for the next update!
5/16/2023 c166 Guest
Well done, Harry; you have denounced the Dursleys. As the requirements for Dumbledore's wards on Privet Drive stipulate that you have to be-able to 'call home the place where your mother's blood dwells', actively repudiating the Dursleys severs that bond (such as it could be called, for the given value of a family bond) that was the linchpin for the wards, even if you never really called their house you 'home' (just your residence), you didn't declare it aloud until now. Once the wards are down, Dumbledore has little chance of forcing you back there.

I cannot wait to read the fallout for Dumbledore and his administration at Hogwarts. I hope that Rita Skeeter, with carte blanche to smear Dumbledore's reputation, learns *all*-about Harry's treatment at the Dursleys (maybe interview the neighbours and their children for the behind-the-scenes (especially all of what will she can get out of Piers, Malcolm and Dennis, using truth serum, for instance)) and everything that Dumbledore did to cover it up.

Will Rita learn of all of the (illegal) things that Ron and Hermione dragged (and tried to drag) Harry into? And about the teachers' negligence towards actions regarding Harry? And about the Philosophers Stone? Hagrid's treatment towards the Dursleys' (no-matter how deserved), given how easily he's compromised by alcohol? About Norbert(a) the Dragon? About Fluffy the Cerberus? About Aragog? Will the truth about Sirius and Peter be unmasked, for (ALL* of Wizarding Britain to see-&-hear? Will the Weasleys, nigh-all of them (and Hermione), *ever* catch-on to just how much, in their effort to ingratiate themselves to Harry, they alienated themselves from him?

5/15/2023 c145 Guest
Harry could try drugging his relatives with potions, like "Unctuous Unction", like in Ian Hycrest's 'Harry Potter' FanFic series, "Harry Potter and the Vault of Time", "Harry Potter and the Hands of Justice", "Harry Potter and the Inquisitor of Hogwarts" and "Harry Potter and the Winds of Change", here on 'FanFiction net'.
5/15/2023 c140 Guest
Harry, you need to declare, openly, that while the Dursleys, through Petunia, are you relatives, they are *NOT* your family and that Number-4 Privet Drive is *NOT* your home (and, more to the point, *NEVER* was)! The wards are such that while you can still call it 'home', where you mother's blood also dwells (and while you're still under 17-years-old), Voldemort cannot touch you there. Verbal Repudiation of the Dursleys and their house will break-down the wards, or-else you'll have to wait until you turn 17-years-old)!
5/15/2023 c168 pottersparky
Story is still one like read and look forward reading more of it. I sure once harry does show up at Hogwarts things go crazy in trying to see why did not show up. I for one want Dumbledore to face justice for crimes. Harry have life. I leave that to you make happen in story after all you are writing it. Hope my support helps you see that your work is well wanted. Next chapter soon please.
5/14/2023 c130 Guest
Maybe Harry should employ a house-elf of his-own (provided a 'magical guardian's' permission isn't required), or more than one house-elf, and have him/her/them on 'look-out' duty?
5/14/2023 c100 Guest
Try getting duel-connected diaries, similar to the twin mirrors James Potter and Sirius Black used during their Hogwarts days; this way, Harry and Spencer could still communicate lake a magical version of email?
5/14/2023 c114 Guest
Spencer, Harry, 'ever heard of 'Child grooming'?
5/13/2023 c104 Guest
Spencer, invest in a blowpipe and blowdarts with the sedatives.
5/13/2023 c102 Guest
Ron Weasley could also try monopolising on his Chess talents; *IF* Hogwarts has a Wizarding Chess School Club, he could join it. He could even attend tournaments and win cash prizes; you know, maybe help-out his family, financially...
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