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4/30/2023 c167 hushpuppy22
Thank you for the new chapter, it is lovely. The only issue I have is that I want more!
4/30/2023 c167 1jansesu
Great chapter, I look forward to finally seeing Harry get out of England! Though the tournament will probably drag him back. I hope the MACUSA will have his back.
4/30/2023 c167 Arodri
I yelped out loud when I saw the notification that this story updated this morning. It’s so unique in both premise and depth of character. I love how you’ve written the two main characters but also the complexities of their relationships with others as well. Your writing it fantastic and this chapter is another wonderful addition! Thank you for sharing this with us!
4/23/2023 c166 Guest
I hope you are still going to write more of this story. It's good.
4/23/2023 c166 1mayawene
Thank you ! I love this Harry
4/3/2023 c151 tenchi
This story still great fun for me read and I am like point out if you plan bring Harry back for the Triwizard Tournament than you might bring Spender with him because I think he can outsmart ones who wish bring Harry harm. I feel sorry for Sirius if he can't come Harry with him to America. He can be big help fixing life that stolen from both them because of others. I feel Harry needs magical support in America if got few ideas to put it in story. I think be great if muggle tech work in his new school so make phone calls and emails to Spender. I think Harry's owl needs a boyfriend. So know hope that working on next chapter because new chapters on this story is always wanted. Harry better be careful Hermione will be going Paris with family during summer. I think once Harry with Spender that should write restaurant to let them know that he be fine for they very good him during those dark years with evil family. Just hope my review gives you my support for this story means lot to many people. Thank you!
3/30/2023 c166 Guest
I hope you haven't abandoned this story. It's great.
3/21/2023 c166 pottersparky
Harry put fear in Vernon but foolish kick back for not got brains that see what comes around goes around he just can't see payback for crimes along with family just getting started. He has no one blame but themselves. Just love story! I just hope you not make us wait long for next chapter. I like to know if Sirius put going after Peter again or run find Harry which be more he want. Me well hope chose Harry. I think Amala more better mother then Molly for she got brains see Harry ready make run for it. I feel sorry for her because think she come love Harry like one of her own. I can't wait see magic world go crazy that Harry made run for it to have freedom. As for war let grown ups deal with it. Keep up great work and know your series just to amazing for words. I seen the beaches movie made in 1988 and got say your story makes me think of it. Once again ask you please have next chapter out very soon please.
2/23/2023 c166 4SilverMidas
it's been a while since you updated. I hope that it is only writing blog that is keeping you from updating and wish you well if it is a more personal reason.

I love this story very much and am waiting with anticipation for when Harry and Spencer meet again.
1/29/2023 c166 4Canute66
Started reading it until 158 then forgot to like and follow the story and just remembered that it was a thing. I love this story and glad to find it updated. Hopefully I can get more chapters in the future!
1/22/2023 c131 TheFanFicDevourer
I loved the prank, and even more so that -well don't want a review skimmer to spoil it for themselves- so just the continuation.. Super funny and well deserved.
1/22/2023 c129 TheFanFicDevourer
I don't know if this is the unreliable narrator thing*-, like Harrys new to the wizarding world so he misjudges some stuff and Spencer is outside of the wizarding world so his perspective might include great insight but tunneled from a sometimes unreliable source creates incorrect estimations. *Or if Harry has been made to forget certain things or simply wrote them off, like the teachers being under compulsion and actually unable to help interfere with the stone theft or a dragon on the grounds. Probably a combination, I suppose.
1/22/2023 c127 TheFanFicDevourer
I answered the poll on your page- not sure how relevant it is since you might have already reached a pivotal point in Harrys freedom and I don't want to skip ahead and risk spoilers. I did vote that harry leaves after third year with the help of Sirius but I'm still conflicted. I want harry to have that connection to his parents, because Remus pretty much never steps up (sadly enough), but I'm also looking forward to the BAU and real time interactions between Spencer and Harry when they're not constantly on guard. Blah, idk. Freedom for Harry/and Dobby/and Sirius.
1/22/2023 c122 TheFanFicDevourer
Is it criminal minds canon that Spencer has tech problems? Its been a long time since I've seen the show and I might be mixing something up but I thought there was something about how he didn't like tech or wasn't good with it so a magical bag kind of works well in that because of his connection to harry (which wouldn't encourage a reliance in tech) and also because of interference from magic (which can interfere with tech).. But then again not completely positive on the canon Spencer part so who knows?
1/22/2023 c111 TheFanFicDevourer
With how proactive these two try to be when they can its kind of surprising that they wouldn't have figured out a number system or coding system to establish a letter stamp and reply key to check and confirm the other person has received the other letter and is writing the next series. Like Spencer sends a letter with Dear Harry : Letter 349, especially considering all the worry in the beginning that someone was closely monitoring and would stop them from writing each other. Though that might be tedious to track as a writer, especially with multiples per chapter and the large amount of correspondence throughout the story.
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