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9/3 c2 badboyelsanto
Wait does that mean ge gains exp from any bldy that kills a monster inside the dungeon? That would be smart as fuck lol. This is quite interesting
9/2 c2 badboyelsanto
The mc just transmigrated to dxd and doesn’t even have his full powers yet and hes already calling it a boring world? And trying to start war? Crazy
9/2 c1 badboyelsanto
The script is different. Why is raynare touchung his dick lol and also wasn’t she supposed to run towards the fountain, face him and ask if he will die for her? And aslo raynare has 2 wings not 4
7/27 c5 Omega-zero-ultimate
Author can you update this story pls it's been a long time
6/3 c1 Eric
Thanks for the chapter
5/17 c3 theeelderman5
I'm kinda weird i like this all of the sudden i just thought when you got to the video we wouldn't be watching the main character and I thought he was already world creating universe destroying level my bad nice story
3/27 c3 Honest guest
Do the world a favour and stop writing
3/21 c1 Gerginscy
So so.
2/5 c5 The Nugget of Terror
this is amazing!
12/29/2022 c5 problake123
Moare Please we want more chapters!
12/29/2022 c2 problake123
This book is fucking awesome it's how you do a overpowered as hell mc right MAKE MORE CHAPTERS PLEASE you've been in active for far too long
12/12/2022 c5 Stormzy
Reading old works that I saved. For some reason this was there. Tried to read it again and had to question my past self as to why he thought it was a good idea to save this shit work. Like damn this is not good. How it has the amount of favorites it does I will never know.
11/7/2022 c1 Guest
Read a book before you consider writing, no offense. But this is painful
11/2/2022 c2 Guest
bye so shit
9/7/2022 c5 PSYCongroo
Thanks for the chapter.
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