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8/9/2020 c16 4OkuntinTenfeder
Finally got to read the last parts. I like the more lighthearted conversation in ch15. And it's good, that you spared out Frankie's talk with her mother. It would have been unnecessary drama. Frankie is old enough, to make her own decisions, so she shouldn't have to "confess" to her mom, that there probably will be changes in her studying.
IMO it's nice to have the story start and end in Mile's flat. :)
Seen as a whole: The first chapters were quite intense and with visiting Mrs. H. I expected it to be a trigger, to dive into family troubles, given with all the stress about talking to Mrs. H. But in the end, as you planned it, the talk between Frankie and her mom wouldn't have added to the story. So it's kinda a bit weird, to have it be the reason to visit Toronto. Maybe the reason for the visit should have been expanded to, getting ready for the journey, talk to old friends, getting a fresh breath of air.
8/2/2020 c16 12drizzletomyhurricane
This was so sweet! I could completely picture Miles’ flat and his life in London ahhh. Reading your stories about the Hollingsworth siblings is always a treat and I thoroughly enjoyed this!
7/26/2020 c16 17Phrankster
This was a cute way to wrap up the story, with Miles once again showing how great an older brother hes become to little Frankie. The story hasnt been "full drama" so to speak (focusing more on the characters, than the drama), so giving it this low key ending was the right way to go IMO. The descriptions of London and the airport were great as always and the quote at the end made good sense too. As a whole its been a very enjoyable reading experience and Im looking forward to reading the prequel too.
7/18/2020 c15 Phrankster
This was so good and a perfect way to wrap up the story with a nice, hopeful ending to it. This was another chapter that showed the tight bond between Miles and Frankie and its good that hell be there to help her get her life back on track again. You cant help feeling for her after what happened, so hopefully there are brighter days in her future. If I were you, Id consider doing more stories with her to continue this one, because you write her so incredibly well and it would be interesting to see, where you would take her character.

Im a bit surprised that Max never turned up at all, but then again he wasnt the object of the story to begin with. I suppose well finally get to see what he was like in the prequel chapter.
7/17/2020 c14 12drizzletomyhurricane
Oh my gosh this made me so happy! Lola’s line about it being hard to reach out, their little moment before Frankie comes in, “despite it all... it’s good to see you Miles.” Ugh I loved this. Thank you!
7/15/2020 c14 4OkuntinTenfeder
Hey there, good to have a new chapter out. :) Besides your's there is no other Degrassi ff around here with characters I'm interestet in.
I'm quite happy to see Lola. :) I know, how it is, when you know a character, but just doesn't seem to get him/her right. Some authors just storm ahead with their version, but I appreciate, that you stepped back, to geht her right. :)
And of course, there is critic, but I just seem better at nitpicking, than praising. :D But I wouldn't be reading, if I had lost interest. :)
With Lola there were three points, that made me frown and you might laugh with the first one: Lola as blonde? As in just blonde? Not even a colorful strand? I just can't imagine that. :D The second one was her calling Mrs. H. Diana. Maybe a cultural difference, but to me Lola never seemed that close to Mrs. H.
The third one was the way, you described her stepping close to Miles. I don't know, if it's meant to sound like that, but to me, it felt like her standing *too* close to Miles. Lola kinda is a natural with social things - most times. So it seems weird to me, that she seems to ignore privat space. The second part with them at the table feels much better.
Miles hugging his mother felt really weird. Miles kinda took his dad's role with Frankie and Hunter, which I always admired. But the situation, he hugged his mom here, felt like he would take his father's role here as well and that would be a bit too much for me.
TBH I originally thought, you wanted to dig more in - now it seems with just one chapter ahead like Frankie's just going to leave Canada for good. But I'll see, what the next chapter brings. :)
7/12/2020 c14 17Phrankster
This was a nice episode and a little different compared to the rest, since it was so heavy on the dialogue. You captured the chemistry between Miles and Lola well and the dialogue was good too. Im looking forward to seeing how you end it in the next chapter.
5/7/2020 c6 Frankston
Yay, Winston's back! I admit, there were times on the show where I did NOT like how he treated Frankie at all, but you handled this scene so well. From Miles' initial reluctance to vent due to this being Winston's EX-girlfriend to Winston's occasional awkwardness, everything about both guys felt completely in-character, giving me an even greater appreciation for seeing Winston show concern for Frankie even after all this time, even if it's as someone he grew up with and as his brother's sister. Like Miles at the end, sometimes I just love your writing, man XD looking forward to continuing!
5/7/2020 c4 Frankston
Having seen something like this happen to one of my cousins, this chapter was a bit hard for me to read but it shows how much care you took in addressing this very issue. The part where Frankie revealed she didn't really talk to Lola or Shay any more really hit home for me too, because I think the reality is that's how most middle and high school friendships, even college ones go. People drift apart and if the show had gone on I honestly don't see Frankie hanging out with Lola and Shay very often, besides checking in every once in a while at best. Another really superb chapter, glad the next one is just a click away :)
5/5/2020 c3 Frankston
I like how this is unfolding so far! I especially got a kick out of the line with Hunter calling Miles out on calling somebody else's name pretentious XD and the mini-flashback we got filling in the backstory on Frankie's boyfriend. Hoping we'll get to see the story unfold from Frankie's POV soon :) straight on to the next chapter!
5/5/2020 c2 Frankston
I was a little surprised to see Frankie waiting for them, only because I thought the Frankie-Miles reunion might happen a bit later in the story, but once again I think it's fully in-character for Hunter that he didn't tell Frankie he called their brother and I'm so glad their reunion happened the way it did as Frankie's always been my favorite character :) The reunion didn't disappoint either. Brings back nice flashbacks to the aftermath of the fire episode, a reminder the Hollingsworths have their moments they show they love each other even as they have plenty of quarreling sibling moments to balance them out, and I think the fact you reminded me of that very scene proves once again you did your homework!
5/5/2020 c1 Frankston
Aw, thanks for the shoutout in the notes! You're very welcome, I've been waiting a very long time to read this and it only took a global pandemic but now I finally have time to give it a full readthrough! I'm already getting callbacks to the show, and I think once again you've nailed the Hollingsworth brothers, especially Miles' mental note to himself recognizing very few people have a spare thousand dollars to drop on a last-minute flight without stressing over it after. It's a nice reminder that for all his acting up, he recognizes he does have things to appreciate about his circumstances.

I wasn't sure early on when we were trading notes, but I think you made the right call in having Hunter speed through his words to the point where Miles can't understand what he's trying to say, let alone for the audience to fully know what's happening. It sounds totally in character for Hunter, and I think it adds to the mystery as we're experiencing Miles' thoughts firsthand trying to figure out what happened. I'm eager to see the Hollingsworth family reunion!
4/11/2020 c13 12drizzletomyhurricane
Lola! Yes! Well, you know me, now I can't wait! This was another lovely chapter. I've never written the twins quite this close myself, but I still enjoy your interpretation of them, though I actually think you write Frankie and Miles' relationship even better. Hope we get to see some interactions with Diana!
4/10/2020 c13 17Phrankster
I thought this was a nice mix of cute and dramatic in just the right dozes. It was more dialogue driven than most of the other chapters and a little lighter on the descriptions, which was a nice little change of pace. As always it was well written throughout and I thought this one had a nice cozy atmosphere to it until the last part, where you amped up the drama. I wasnt expecting Lola to be part of the story, so Im looking forward to catching up with how shes done for herself in "Your Degrassi Universe".
4/10/2020 c13 4OkuntinTenfeder
Nice move forward. And happy to hear, that Lola will be involved. :) I'm not sure, if I would tell Mrs. H the reason for the separation - given the family history. But for me it just don't is that big of a deal to tell her at least, that they separated. And as you wrote in one of you're other ffs, I see Frankie more of the seeking solace in her mother's arms type than not nowing, how to talk to her. So I hope, she gets out of her freeze mode.
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