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8/12/2023 c11 fonte20nit
I'm going to re-read this fic just to follow the new chapter, oh what excitement.
8/6/2023 c11 evilstatistic19
Good chapter looking forward to the next one.
8/6/2023 c3 naotw
Good flow.
Lelouch's monologue on Cornelia isn't how he'd view her. He cares little for the moral sense of right or wrong. He's running the rebellion to get a chance to kill his dad, not to fight for justice; that's his zero persona, not him. And he hated Cornelia and the rest of his family for not fighting against his and nunally's forced leave to japan. Cornelia herself, for his mom's death.

Lelouch has his own biases and opinions, most of which are flawed as they revolve around his mother and sister.
8/5/2023 c11 cain8602
I usually don't leave reviews, but here we are. As somebody who read the original version of this story, I was wondering if Magnus was either going to be a major player once again or be subsumed by Akito and the updated canon. Glad to see that it seems to be the former.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next, both new plot lines and possible reinterpretations of the old.

Take care.
8/4/2023 c8 raymond21
It is ironic that Britannia people experiencing same event to what Japanese people had endured 8 years ago. Tired,full of dirt,starving,losing all of their wealth,yet they must escape from war zone to survive. If only Britannia didn't occupy Japan,then this scene will not happen. And it's is so locky that kallen mother survived. And li xingke helping the black Knights is glad to see it

Hope calares died like in canon timeline. Because calares is racist ss****
8/4/2023 c6 raymond21
Damn!, Finally the divergence in canon. I am scared that you just just repeat what happened in canon. But you are not.(tbh,if a fic just repeating the plot in canonw ithout much changer,I will just watch anime ). In this fic,Chinese decided to intervene,leading to their victory. And you give much more shocking revelation that can be accepted as canon, there is exist a man who will sell out his country just for power and richness. It is much more sense that suzaku killed her father now. Had this happened to kallen,she will gladly eliminated his mother/father.

And lelouch face of feeling guilty is much more sense. Thanks for different realities,lelouch face is feeling guilty because he see euphie killed by this chaotic world. Like leader of village said " it is true that pain kill our master,but if we look deeper,this chaotic world is the truly one who kill our master"
8/3/2023 c4 raymond21
You have pretty good knowledge about military. In real war,what makes the war lose or win is not just tactics,but logistic. The talk about Inoue only give 10 out of 50 mortar asked is really feels like the real war. Artillery,air support and fighting in infrantry. But you didn't forget about mecha battle in todoh Vs Cornelia. Truly awesome.
Happy to see benio and savitri appear in your stories
8/3/2023 c3 raymond21
These hands of mine has been smdirty long enough suzaku,you face me didn't matter at all,heh I wouldn't dream it. After all you andu are friend. Huhuhu hahahahahaha,ahahahahaha

Damn,you didn't include lelouch badass line. Even thought it is very cool in anime. Well,no matter,lelouch will be hunted by Lancelot. Hope lelouch didn't make big mistake like in canon
8/3/2023 c2 raymond21
It is true that Japanese resistance killed euphie,but if we thinks about it,the chaotic world that euphie lived that really killed euphemia. As long as Britannia Lebensraum policy exist,cycle of hatred will not disappear.

Good,author,you described the events with detail and full of sadness (because euphie is killed by chaotic world)
8/3/2023 c1 raymond21
Kyoshiro is truly a far right faction that still exist in japan. He didn't want to release his Japanese identity,and he didn't want to make peace with Britannia,the country that destroyed and slaving his people. To him,he know SAZ means nothing to Japanese as long as Britannia didn't fully give indenpendence to Japan.

Luckily lelouch,you didn't kill euphemia. Kyoshiro do it for you out of his loyalty to japan
8/3/2023 c1 naotw
Intriguing. Emotive. Unique plot.
8/2/2023 c11 Spiral-Voltron-Zero0Q1
8/2/2023 c11 Scarease
Well this chaos might become key to uniting some family to gather take out the Geass order under V.V the Little backstabbing troll .
8/2/2023 c11 brave kid
hey great job buddy
11/26/2022 c7 fonte20nit
this chapter was a real roller coaster of emotions, i'm still shaking here
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