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for With a Smile on My Face

7/28/2020 c1 45Lovingh3art
This works so well! As a MHA and FF fan, I approve!
5/24/2020 c1 5Doom King of Latveria
Finally! Someone like you decided to make story about those new young Jump team!

This is really good! Do you have plan to make similar crossover story like this? :D
1/12/2020 c1 75X59
This was really neat.
12/15/2019 c1 2ProjectIceman
The cinnamon roll is strong here lol
9/26/2019 c1 70Kristen Sharpe
Oh, I love this. It's what crossovers were made for. Because Midoriya *would* appreciate Shiinra's smile, and this just needs to happen.
9/18/2019 c1 2Evergone the Great
If shinra became a pro hero, I know exactly what his hero name would be

The Heroic Hero: Captain Superhero man
8/27/2019 c1 Cylon One
For a first-time one-shot crossover of Fire Force with anything, it was pretty awesome.
Great that it was with MHA.
Thanks for that.
8/24/2019 c1 LoamyCoffee
Huzzah, the first Fire Force fic I've seen on the site!~

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