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5/28/2020 c29 8Chicken Whisper
What a great ending to a great story! The image of all the children piled in Marilla and Rachel’s bed was so sweet, haven’t we all done that at some point in our childhoods? I’ll admit I was a little angry at Anne for being mad at Rachel and Marilla but I’m glad she saw that something needed to happen for Rachel to be free. It’s very sad that Marilla never got to actually see her grandchildren. I will miss this story, it has been a wonderful ride!
5/25/2020 c29 3AnneWithAnEStory
It was cute about the person shooting through the airport doors. “Here Marilla I think this one is yours” lol.
Going to Greece is such an adventure Anne’s family gets to go in. At the same time I wonder if they wish grandma lived just down the road where they could see her anytime.
It’s really cute how Matthew said he wasn’t coming in order to surprise them!
I’m glad they rented. I was wondering how they’d all fit into Marilla and Rachel’s little house.
Ohhh it just hit me how Marilla doesn’t know what the kids look like. I mean Anne’s looks will change iver time do Marila isn’t up to date on Anne’s looks but at least she has something to go off of. But she’s never seen the kids at all. They can say joy has brown hair or whatever she has, but it’s not the same as seeing her.
Aw even though it’s not like we really KNEW knee Sofia, I still felt sad when they said she’d died the previous winter. Glad Zoey is there.
I had no idea the kids didn’t know Marilla was a lesbian lol but then I guess it makes sense because living so far away they might just be like oh granny and Rachel live there but not connecting the sexual aspect of it.
Lol joy had to beat down the idea of what granny did in bed. I’m dying lololol.
I about cried when Marilla said joy could come stay w them a bit if she needed to. Gives her a place to go if she needs it.
How sweet they’re taking the kids for a sleepover. Anne and Gilbert can have some peace and quiet for a change.
I liked Marilla’s explanation of what she misses, of course it was sad. Particularly the part about how she’d never seen her grandchildren and she misses seeing colors. The most emotional part was that she dreams but then wakes up and can’t see. I’ve heard a blind person (not someone I know, just in a video) say they dream w vision and it makes it hard to wake up to not be able to see. So hard.
It’s so cute they all ended up in grandmas bed.
Omg for a minute I was afraid Anne would like turn Rachel in or something! I mean I guess she wouldn’t do that. Especially not in the epilogue because you couldn’t end the story with the start of a legal trial I mean it wouldn’t make sense to end on a cliffhanger. But still it was tense for a minute.
Aaaawwwwww Marilla looking straight into the camera and they saw how happy she was. Darling. So lovely.
Ending with the story from Greece is just so perfect tying everything together. Congratulations on an amazing story that wasn’t just a story it was a journey :)
5/25/2020 c28 AnneWithAnEStory
I’m sad it’s about to be the end.
I was about to be sad Rachel was not going to counsel after all and wasn’t finishing her degree. But the way she explained it to Marilla made it all make sense. Also I don’t remember now what their ages are but if she doesn’t have to work now it’s better to be off and relax and enjoy life in old age.
But I am happy that even though she didnt finish I’m glad that she went back to school even just to prove to herself that she could do it and do something positive for herself after being made to feel so worthless. And now her stopping is about her choosing what path she wants, rather than because she can’t do it.
Aw I forgot the people she knew in Greece wouldn’t know about her blindness.
Aw I love the way you described where they live! The narrow cobblestone street, the cozy accommodations, them walking together, sitting out on a sunny balcony together. Sigh.
I’m glad she found her old radio show. Before she considered it frivolous but now she can just relax and enjoy life. A radio show is perfect for her now especially being blind.
It’s too bad the shopkeeper was blamed when it wasn’t actually him. I’m glad Marilla has people to look out for her though.
Awww I’m so happy for them that they both get to be productive too because they can be doing good like Marilla feels now that she’s capable of working and Rachel gets to use her training and know she’s helping people.
Awwwww the painting. Ok I kept thinking how neat it was to go live in Greece and how beautiful but it just hit me they’ll miss green gables! PIE! The fall! Matthew! He’s so wonderful to send them that painting. I hope he isn’t sad without them. He had his daughters though but still.
Aaah jean thumb. Lol. Why am I not surprised? Ok well I’m not surprised because you told me it would happen lol but I wouldn’t be surprised anyway because he was always a user. Marilla really dodged a bullet there.
The first paragraph of Anne’s letter is so wonderfully Anne. You said you have trouble capturing her voice sometimes, but no one would know it. My favorite thing was Anne saying it was exciting to know her words had flown across the world. My second favorite part is how Anne imagines where they are at the time they read her letter.
I love the idea of Marilla knitting for the baby while listening to the radio drama.
Anne’s thoughts regarding her impending motherhood are so lovely it makes me ache to be a mother.
It just hit me though how the baby’s grandma lives do far away :/ that will be sad.
Aahahaha the “us dignified?” And “I’ll never see you two the same way” lol
“Their sea polished sides telling their own histories” sigh what a lovely sentence.
Rachel’s description of the sunset is wonderful.
Awww the thing about otters! Holding hands in the water while floating, otters are so cute.
I remember the dolphin talk from before! Yay it’s back.
“Well I am” was cute.
“We’ll swim here in the Aegean forever” aww and I love “I’ll visit you and eventually I’ll join you” warm fuzzies.
The last two lines are perfection.
Lovely oz diva just sweet and lovely. I’d cry but I’ll hold off for the epilogue. I feel like I’ve been in this amazing journey.
5/25/2020 c21 10Excel Aunt
I really liked the scene where John rescues Marilla in the old vehicle. I don't know if you meant to do it, but that old car of hers, the one that Matthew says, "I've done all I can." seems to be representative of their failed relationship. I mean, they tried, it broke, now it's time for a new car. It truly must be a relief to Marilla that John agrees change can be good. For all the baggage Rachel has, Marilla has a past too and it is nice for her to make some peace with it.

I really enjoyed your opening paragraph, how well it established place without a spray of words.

Well, I supposed they had to tell Anne, keeping something like that from her wouldn't have bode well. I did wonder how Anne would react and I think Anne would be a bit more disheveled over this. Matthew and Anne have such a special bond, perhaps because Matthew can refit some of his fatherly wonderings onto her. But, I didn't get a sense the Matthew was going to tell Anne details of coitus, I thought he was going to to explain the circumstances of the conception, so Anne's conclusion of "ew, I don't want to hear where you did it" felt odd. I am not sure Anne would be so willing to accept having a sister so quick. I do see it happening though and once accepted, Lucy becoming a bosom sibling.

Anne and Gilbert are engaged! Well, the news is enough to make me smile.

Holy Moly! Marilla! That could be a life ending blow!
5/25/2020 c20 Excel Aunt
You know, I'm really glad that Lucy was told. It's her right and also, it's beneficial to Rachel to let go of the final secret that keeps her attached to Thomas. (Well, excluding her creative use of a lamb's leg). But if Lucy was living in such a sad and deplorable home, and wondered about her father, if it were Matthew, and Matthew wondered it himself, I don't know how it is that those thoughts didn't eventually drive Lucy to one day ask.

Rachel is pretty much blown away here. I like Lucy, but, I am thinking that she shouldn't be as put together emotionally as she is. She grew up in an abusive household, strongly suspected she was illegitimate, harbored thoughts about another place, and in the end, when the truth runs out, she can make cracks about her Mother's lesbian sex life. I think that's a lot to process. Perhaps she's been seeing a school counselor for a while.

I think Rachel studying counseling is a great idea, she's certainly open to the thought that it takes all sorts of people and situations to make a world. I will say though, she could teach the class on needlecraft. The woman can knit a quilt. My mind is blown! If she taught needlework, I'd register.
5/24/2020 c27 3AnneWithAnEStory
Aww your authors note. I love you.
Marilla’s biggest regret was ther she’d never get to see Anne’s wedding. Why am I one sentence in and already in tears.
Anne’s “mummy and daddy I’m getting married “ aaaah tears. Poor sweet girl.
It’s interesting what she thought, that Matthew and Marilla knew her in ways her parents never would. Wow. That’s so true, they saw her change into who she became. Her parents knew her only as their little girl.
I love that Marilla said let me see when she was feeling the dress. Let me see is kind of a figure of speech but to me it seemed she had kind of accepted that this is the way she sees now.
It’s interesting you made Anne have this moment of fear that omg I’m getting married. In the books LMM made it a point to say that both were unafraid, but I think I like what you’ve done here better, because it allows for a sweet mothering moment between a mom and daughter in this huge moment in her life and the reassurance that everything will be ok. I also loved that Marilla was about to say fiddlesticks but realized she needed to be softer now.
Collywobbles?! Aahahaha I always learn some good words from you oz diva.
Oh my goodness. The moment everyone turned to see the bride and Marilla just sat there. That’s when it hit Anne. That’s when another blow hit me too, i knew Marilla couldn’t see her but that moment of turning to see the bride...it might have felt as if she didn’t have a mother there at all. I am teary.
“As Anne descended everyone roared their approval, but it was Gilbert she looked for” Sob.
It’s sweet (but sad) Marilla cried so much after the wedding. Interesting too thst Rachel did not really know the experience, Lucy isn’t married and she didn’t really feel the same way at the weddings of her other kids because the close relationship just wasn’t there.
Oh I love that they have gone over things and drawn up some clear “this is what to help me with, this is what I want to do myself” because that’s going to help them all.
Aw Anne sitting with Gilber looking like it’s all a dream was so adorably happy.
I like “the years stripped away and Marilla boogiewoogied” cute, sweet, and funny.
I like she’s dancing with John, I know she’s w Rachel but I always have to remind myself she’s not going to end up w John here lol.
I loved how Anne “for once she was speechless” lol
Aaaah they might live there!
Seeing Anne’s wedding was wonderful and Marilla being a mom and then the idea of moving to Greece. Wow I’m excited. Lovely chapter :)
5/24/2020 c26 AnneWithAnEStory
( from last page break to end of chapter )
Sigh. They’re together, relaxed and snuggling.
Wow, wow wow wow that is a HUGE revelation that Marilla had- that the reason she’s been so angry is she’s been frustrated from vain attempts to make life the same as it was before and now realizing it’s not possible and she has to accept a new kind of life. That was huge.
Awww I love that you had Rachel tell Marilla the thing about how she built her strength up and planted seeds and now she is able to be the strong one.
So beautiful. I love your writing oz.
And ew there came the nipple. Lol.
5/24/2020 c26 AnneWithAnEStory
(Up to the 8th page break)
Omg Rachel was in the traffic?!
And now she sees Marilla with Juliet!
It’s interesting how Marilla said they’re talking about her as if she wasn’t there. Or maybe as if she’s an infant- who’s supposed to be watching Marilla? Etc.
That would be frustrating and it’s something else I never thought about as being part of being blind, that to some people around you it’s as if youve become a pet to be taken care of and led around, instead of a person in your own right.
Whooo oz that was tense. I was holding my breath when Marilla was basically choosing between Juliet and Rachel.
5/24/2020 c26 AnneWithAnEStory
(Up to 7th page break)
Omg will people stop grabbing other people and yanking them across streets lol seriously lol.
It’s interesting how almost everywhere Marilla hues she has to count her steps. I just never thought of what that would be like you know.
I’m torn because want Marilla to get away from the guy and I’m very glad she was firm and spoke up for herself and that’s a big step for her at the same time now I’m scared she’s in the street alone.
You know what I’m glad this happened because it led to Marilla putting her barrier down a bit and accepting help from that woman.
I also liked that she realized all she wanted was to collapse in Rachel’s arms. Maybe she will see that she really does need to make up w Rachel.
5/24/2020 c26 AnneWithAnEStory
(Up to the 6th page break)
It made me laugh how even though Lucy is an adult now Rachel is still going around picking up after her.
It aslo made me smile how Lucy said if she’d known her mom was coming she would have cleaned her apartment first but now her mom saw her in her natural state lol.
I’m glad Lucy realized her mom was just stress cleaning. Like maybe she just needed to get that out.
But wow it’s going on a while isn’t it, Lucy will have the cleanest apartment around.
It broke my heart to hear Marilla is lying in bed crying.
I hope she will understand why Rachel needed a break and be more understanding of her.
5/24/2020 c26 AnneWithAnEStory
(Up to 5th page break)
Here’s plonked again! Heehee.
Marilla thinking they had a good session makes me worried about what kind of mood she’ll get into once her good mood drops from Rachel not getting her after the session.
Ok I feel bad for Marilla here. Just such a hard situation. Even though I understand Rachel and feel for her, it does suck that Marilla was just left sitting there alone in the cold. Not only was she worried but she probably felt embarrassed.
I think Matthew was right once he picked her up to tell her we need to give Rachel space. But if I were Marilla I’d feel angry. But then if I were Rachel I’d feel angry too. Oh oz diva you make a conundrum.
5/24/2020 c26 AnneWithAnEStory
(Up to the 4th page break)
I just love that Matthew gets to be called Dad, aww!
Ok Rachel and Lucy are scaring me what happened.
Despite a serious moment I couldn’t help laughing at the word plonked.
So Marilla is still at the blind center omg what happened.
Ohhhh I feel so sad for Rachel she’s having nightmares of what happened to her in the past oh no
A solitary tear traced down her cheek- what a line. Ooh.
Now I’m worried Marilla will just be angry at Rachel all over again, for leaving her there.
5/24/2020 c26 AnneWithAnEStory
(Up to the 3rd page break)
Yikes I hadn’t thought about how awkward it would be after Juliet. Eek.
Ugh, people being all kissy giggly in public is gross lol but for poor Rachel it’s even worse. It’s terrible for her to see it knowing that she is now missing that.
I’m a little worried about her realizing she can’t go on that way. (I mean I know they stay together buuutttt I’m worried about what will happen between now and them ending up together)
5/24/2020 c26 AnneWithAnEStory
(Up to the 2nd page break)
Juice Seppys card was sweet. It’s good for Rachel to have encouragement since the blindness affects her almost as much as it affects Marilla. And Marilla can’t see the card or read what it says, so Rachel can sorta have that quiet encouragement without making Marilla feel bad.
I can’t help but read cosy as cossie lol I can’t get used to the spelling. We spell it cozy. We like our zeees. lol.
Oh wow! I thought everything was fine and they were happy. It’s upsetting that as soon as juice seppy and Stan left Marilla is all frosty (great word to use by the way!)
Matthew is always such a good person to talk to. Warm fuzzies.
He is right Marilla isn’t seeing Rachel’s perspective. I hope she can.
The idea that she can’t take it because she was with Thomas and he treated her badly and she can’t take Marilla being cold to her was sad. Poor Rachel. Poor everybody.
5/24/2020 c26 AnneWithAnEStory
(Review for up to the first page break)
Aww yay you used juice seppy. That makes me so happy.
It’s even better that it was Matthew who left the message it just makes makes it funnier that way.
The best thing was that it got Marilla to laugh. I’m always so happy when she laughs especially since she’s had such a hard time lately.
It was interesting about the phone, because it kinda lets you know they’re still in this back and forth of when to jump in and how long to wait to jump in.
I’m glad Marilla tried to do it herself though and glad Rachel is there to help if needed.
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