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for Ancient is the Love of Life

9/11 c8 Elfin69
i am surprised that he was hurt so bad with having all three forms and that he could not build a shield around himself automatically. Glad to see that he will still protect Grell and anyone being hurt. What happened with Angela after he and Death left and what was Sebastian's and Ciel's reaction.
9/11 c7 Elfin69
at least now the Hound can rest in peace and i have a feeling that he will go after Angela.
9/11 c6 Elfin69
guess Ciel is finding out that he cannot just order people to do what he wants any time he wants
9/11 c5 Elfin69
love the spar and his actions afterwards. He is really going to have fun with Ciel and the others before he lets them (if he does) know who he is. How will he react when they actually meet the Angel in disguise and he awakens that power?
9/11 c4 Elfin69
love his form and how he stopped Grell and saved Madam Red from dieing
9/11 c3 Elfin69
have a feeling that Harry will make things difficult for Jack the Ripper when he finds out who they are
9/11 c2 Elfin69
Definitely he will be having words with Death on what happened to him
9/11 c1 Elfin69
wow, poor Harry, he just cannot get a break
7/15 c8 AshIsHere365
Hi! I'm really enjoying the story so far, and I honestly can't wait to see how Ciel and Sebastian finding out that Harry is the Master of Death is going to affect his relationships with them. I'm assuming finding out about that little fact changed Sebastian's, and most likely Ciel's, opinions about Harry in a not-so-favorable way. Either way, this is really good, and I'm excited to see where it goes and am definitely looking forward to the next chapter! :)
7/3 c7 35Aservis Roturier
Magnificent job, quite a sad chapter as well, in a lot of ways. For some reason I kept expecting Sebastian to come in a scoop up the pieces (of Harry I mrean. so many flk are in pieces in this chapter one has to specify!.)

It's no monstrocity, howeverm except possibly in size. To be honest I didn't notice the length. I was just enjoying it.
Well done.
Stay safe.
7/2 c8 kayla56wilson
I’m still reading please continue to update.
7/2 c8 Shamus12678
please update soon
6/29 c8 38aliqueen16
Love the Harry v Grell! What an enjoyable takedown!
6/28 c8 11Fk306
this is great I look forward to the next update
6/28 c8 46AnimeBook's
Will Harry rejoin Ciel and Sebastian? Or will he just stay on the periphery?
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