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12/16/2022 c1 DobbyismyElf
I hope you finish this story!
9/16/2022 c6 Guest
this is so refreshingly different! I fervently hope you won't make poor Darcy fall in love with this vile elizabeth, he deserves better (and she's not so very different from canon Elizabeth who went round blackening Darcy's name because he offended her vanity).
9/13/2022 c8 nqlb
You fixed it! Thank you, that was fast!
9/13/2022 c8 nqlb
Please can you check this update format, it looks like gibberish to me?
9/13/2022 c8 Vesper1931
formatting has gone wrong - unable to read
5/5/2022 c1 Guest
I hope someday you come back to this. I love that you have done something different with the characters and explored an alternate version—who they might have been under different circumstances.
3/18/2022 c7 Guest
Love this story, please continue can't wait for the end or any continuation of this story. I am a great fan of Pride and Prejudice along with all the fan fiction and variations, but not a great fan of Elizabeth, so I was happy to find this one.
11/23/2020 c7 Vesper1931
Willyou be finishing this story?
7/20/2020 c7 21burntblood.1982
Update I hate Elizabeth I am looking forward to her being throw over for kitty mary or Jane
7/7/2020 c7 eelarahs
Thanks for the story. Interested to find out what happens next!
12/3/2019 c7 FineEyesPrettyWoman
So many Mean Jane stories, why not a mean Lizzy story? This mr bennet is only needed to go a few steps from his usual passive cruelty of neglect and sarcasm to actively mean and manipulative. his favorite daughter still copies his behaviour, so, of course Lizzy is awful. And youve turned everyone else so far, except Lydia. Its fascinating.
11/27/2019 c7 Mari Wollsch
super great, would love more of this! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11/18/2019 c3 Konniebaby
This is a fascinating story. I always thought Mr. Bennett was the worst sort of parent and if Lizzy didn’t watch it she would become a jerk as well.
11/15/2019 c1 mangosmum
I don't understand why people want the stories to be a regurgitation of the classic every time. It's interesting to see where imagination takes a writer and how far they can stretch. Keep writing what your characters tell you!
11/15/2019 c7 mangosmum
My, oh my. This family is as dysfunctional as it gets! It's actually interesting that Mr Bennet, Elizabeth are so horrible and Lydia is just more Lydia than usual! I can't wait for more of this story!
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